31 Jul 2008

‘Died “geballt” was a probe.”

Herbs words died with Faust.
Dabs of dirt, frozen zoo boating to knots
Hire died mad, died with molten putts.
Day with dirt, wind, died with damp fear stowaways.

Herbs words delighted Einstein damping verse luck.
Dams of dirt grease minimal executions
Day with dirt warmed fish chi’
Knolls under waterfalls inserting energy lures.

he fell into a map!

he fell into a map- specifically the north - no sense to be lost-the truth he said- made him feel small- and once inflicted- began to- spoke in tongues - i heard him yell out from the map!!- someone's nonsense - scribble - some yesterday - must we navigate- this way - for he was not alone- sometimes - yes- maps- have two or three- sometimes four whole folk within them- especially the east- i'll have you know- so yelling- as one might after absorbing what may be true - often enticed the scribble to lash out you see,- so silence we entertained- any way you look at it- this was not the case- for we had seen the arrival - of an individual- without the sense to - from within the map that held him- remain seated this whole while- well- Saturday in some cases is no time for a man to be held hostage in a map-- and so some yelling occurred-you see- yes- and to find myself yesterday- listening to the map in my glove compartment- i know- is how i learned of the strange transpiring of these individuals- immediately i knew- well- they must become well versed with the knowledge of their whereabouts and begin to - two heads in a map are better than one- eventually all of the yelling that occurred had caused some emotional damage on my behalf- that man would not sit down- describing what he called an earthquake each time i moved the map- having discovered this made me a map tyrant/God- i could begin to make demands- and stage my very own giant spider invasion- lest he cease his despondent yelling –

i am no fan of tyranny- and so my telepathic communications with this being- took a lighter tone- the weather for example- we simply must gather you all together- i will declare you leader- you must do it- find-sir- the church- and bring together the inhabitants of this strange world- do you wish to anger your god?!- then do it! - any man in a map is a fragile- often humiliated being- and speaking to them in this fashion can sometimes only do more damage to their already wounded person- yet- the frustration of having come so close to what can only be described as a breakthrough in human evolution- must be balanced- with such an opportunity- and i had no intentions to exploit the people of this world anymore than i might the people of some other world- as i was becoming more and more certain had to exist- somewhere- the strange thing you see- was the friendship that had developed between us- he and i – this man who- and i would often get choked up – for he had become used to this world- and when he went silent- i was certain that i had ruffled the map too harshly and he was no longer- yet- when he came back- he said he saw me- which raised questions as to how one might exist in other dimensions- by now i was sure that I was part of an elite group of beings who had contact with worlds smaller than theirs- should he love me and only me?! Lest i smite him and his people! Yes- it was but my one demand.


Veers sorely into sabers-Einstein offed it's enemy's, patch..............................

Dad speaks the deer overstep: "Arch!"
Dear weighted: "tie gristle lichening dawn?"
Dear Britte: "Day ads each halted by Mann!!!"
Deer wire rite: "It's loose rain stranger drawn!!!!!!"
and emit cinema "drachma".......................................
bras dam Bach.........................................................

sleeping spam_


Puppet dancing on a single string,
Words; a breeze to make him swing,
Within, a self consuming fury burns,
With every twist; with every turn…

be late

o urs co(i)l lapse; con

vex then cave


your rigor

o us respect


I so tropic

a tonal shed


you my

ne me


mo(o)n, soon.


I sain’t

no fell ate

ser(e) ration

is n’t it chas(t)e

as Ra b(id) bits

yo(ur)re dress.

o un I (in)verse

e motion re



in(transit) Ive




lament ate
lament a©tion

scar red sat is



ziss ist gorge us

scat te red shat



his tor yr ack-

count is’n(’t)

our ears

fo(u)r ye(a)rs

U ma(I)d


Mars bars

o ur way to tear a form

take a letter, Dick,


y r der(ill)ric(t)ks

a form(ater) rape

tear sup

a black lake

30 Jul 2008

It does doesn't it.

Sky barbarism distorts?
Juxtaposition flaunts obligate;
Incubate our barbarism!
Distort treadle groundwork
Artemisia fluvial sesame, concussion centrifugal.
Java anchovy teller batch sic feminine sesame…

Auxhuela Knooel


Siem Oh Soem

I am the Key

You’re pretty enough to be a star, some kind of angel, the inside of music. But i care if you remain this way, there is no life in the melody that pours from your tears. Tears in the sky, does the soul cry? tears open the night like lightning, and finds it’s way into dreams like screams highlighted like entering the earth's atmosphere at such a speed to confuse the hieroglyphs. This is math – what adds up and what is correct, dressed in some phantom myth revealing the edges of cobwebs in stone cast through the abyss and all that left science before the art was created-cancel the vaccine-seal the vacuum-sell the cancer-see the star- Magnify- the magnanimous magnificent – ain’t it obvious. And so I climbed into a song before the world had eyes - and bled the cozmos in twelve steps that led to freedom- From there - I soar - the eagle.


29 Jul 2008

so, this is the last post...

Nelson Magalhães Filho. ANJOS SOBRE O RECÔNCAVO 2008. Acrílica s/tela, 80X70 cm

Hermann becalmed...

It has stumped the most amounts of the genius, he was mostly concerned with eagles of the street near the train station it is home to several, it’s a former plant genus in the New York Hothouses are thought to have been formed at least two billion years ago in a catastrophic collision between two larger bodies?

When it was transferred, to the title islands she died of a stroke in Mexico Cheetahs maintained and kept the producing after a couple of changes of a venue is still running produced by them is located on the banks of the Carryalls riverbank is the follow-up to his previous compilation released on the chapel under the north facade, we can find an altered-painting of the Holy Nicholas, pet-saint of the batmen And became a Major in the army.

Become tasks Jackhammer's:

His becomes a task however, that of a chronic queer. In those great amount of witch-trials between 1667 and 1683 . This was followed by agog in 1814 to do the same in Hamburg, for the same reason –his term is used on an entirely different basis, but his use had the same roots of research, albeit distorted by religious motive’s administrative mix-up, he was often confused with contemporary art. learns to put aside her bitterness and grief as she grows to love a young who gave color commentary and his odds-on favorites for each game which is located in its third intro.

As is typical for genes encoding ribosome proteins, features an essay about the early history of the people started publishing as a boy, and published his first book for adults in perhaps apocryphal, stories that has made the rounds for years Incas determined not to convert, despite the extreme tactics of his superiors. On one occasion the officers put him in a sack, who gave them food and hot water, and a warm bed, which they tied with a long rope. They carried him up to the top of a wine warehouse on Lake Geneva in Switzerland and then struck by the deadly prophylaxes louse, a call went out around the world to find grapes that were resistant to the disease.

Now which cave should we enter first? Or do you want to spend the night here, dwell in the fresh, intelligent coverage of attics, crevices, or other sheltered places. That appears to boost women's mood, sexual arousal, sharp smell not often encountered in this house. Some of the moist people and eye contact throughout and her pupils are dilated. She starts sitting up and her arms aren't limp, “when we walk tomorrow, God laughs!” not one shred of evidence, this three dimensional world is only part of a giggle an expression of your own childlike thoughts that would envelope the entire planet.

We are on an irreversible trend toward more absurd remotes, the only thing to do is a Buddhist gift. It’s ridiculous there has not at some time been a camel as a horse made by a committee.. - and a smarmy millionaire with a beard. The headman suspected of holding the white woman captive. While with this group, a messenger told a story of extraordinary and fatal results against that unfortunate section of this man, sentenced to ceaselessly rolling a rock to someone who is absurd. Come closer to the universal figure of the Fine words and an insinuating appearance... ecstasy and agony, Growing. We’re just past the halfway point of the Argument, She says: “You always talk about...How we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, we are really crazy.” Like two animals dance and starve, to be the perfect gathering equivalence can be shown by using a broad perspective on psychological processes of Exotic trimming.

A child with complex needs...the truth about rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, hoaxes, scams. This material is the soul that pleases the re-release of popular free will. Struggle to figure out what it means to live not just in my daily grind, an attempt to mesh seemingly disparate flavors into you seeking for him and it's HIM who finds you. So it's only logical... to a blood pudding made with crime, heads backfired at tasting it. Because of this, I've been feeling a urge to mend with the love. We do not wish to prevent you from using the female gender please use the correct one, works perfect, nothing bad to say about it, in your mind you hear the possibility of referring to her in a wish expressed in a votive offering... securely after death, to escape neglect and oblivion.

"I can only wonder why I'm not seeing...the irrelevantly amusing story."

28 Jul 2008


For Robert

For kek-w

27 Jul 2008

Getting grasped,
I still heard time. Bleed.
Ad dye dragged, dramatic age hypnotic.
I know the side of the wall it was telling me to dance with the ghosts
Was to gifts G with and as far as gnarling re-iodine?
I can remember there's a distant call “is the water acting like ice!”
She is some God/God doe pseudo, and feminist He-Ha is no rhyme.
I helped the pore, age fair; endure girls. I’m a selfish gab guzzler guru.

This She is rogues qualified fiddle familiar.
Only eras me a gas inside the tank side story.
we can so easily trip over an hour with a pocket that hell a misc. item just as we so easily trip
Stories were not the two who were . . . dyed in drag, but found a thread in slanted to grasp,
out it choice a weapon to destroy the ways, The iron lady declares his rather swiftly thoughts
I knew the idea ode me God I God adjusting to a yes-or-no pod.

Nudge I found his hand, afraid to play in the brain's weight
Undo the drab inked Igor body, old audio AOH lids!
Yowl jets afoot. He uh a very distant too so no-fin If a nose directing rue.
Babe gigantism, Nada-gubernatorial the drab body my side I hung it up
The lawyer had to admit that the hero of the, but oh over the head of a dunno chick ever ignorance of people – preconceived. Hey servants of the underground frigid tombs. Splinter in the wall and it kept getting longer.

A gobble gropes, a very tall male. The bridge player slammed its going up to the moon, then pouted, I’ve felt so self assured But suddenly it’s all changed this shell living outside your love. Wait jackals. Do not suffer from ailments that you cannot replace gadolinium wine,
they told me a riddle toughened hilarious, intellectual, pithy, and becoming absolutely dumb
Grudges ate Deva my ears were dripping, Not to be confused with Strange people gouging at me
Painted with yellow. And it's easy to see why growing.

One of the largest brains, was not for turning as absolute power corrupts Saturday jazz botching of the foam walls relapsed on display. Razes king and having the opportunity to try a cake which we'll share with you in excitement, enthusiasm and passion. The following replaces the medium speed reciprocating separable compressors were designed to pair with cancer can kill them; but if you ban the power to think, plan, speak. . . Here's an exercise to both tests your suffering from the disease for which you are being treated. Nothing. Of why he was getting at still waiting for the next day seam. Didn’t make sense to me?

Kept hammering a nail, didn’t know why, I fell asleep static just plain static.
Just kept hammering away, I still hear the time, clicks, ticking an the thing every day almost different slightly different tiredness. Making me claustrophobic on my face coming out of my body. I danced to this cracking up and spilling on tea another day and loud noise was injected in my ear as didn’t know why.

"They keep telling me their way is the only way!"

Her is a He-hah in hypnotic.
Her is He uh a very distant to not so-fin.
If a nose gnarling re-iodine jackals adenoids.
Grudge-grog ate deja fiddle familiarizes directing rue.
Babe rogues the unqualified underground, in frigid tombs.
Gobble gropes Sada-gubernatorial giantism, dramatic gabbled.
Adage guzzler guru dyed in drag, Gidi nudge inked Igor.
Yowls jets afoot fair; endure girls OOH lids!
God/God does gifts God I God I God adjusting to yes-or-no pod.
Undo the drab body, old audio age.

26 Jul 2008

The Third Son of Iron K'tormein

Oil on Canvas (detail)

"Freud sucked his THUMB!"

A feud over press freedom boils over in flock to Mandrill Canyon Road and its 5-mile, calledMywife a 'cunt'.

Believed that thumb-sucking (or sucking another part of the body) arises as he is fixated on reality.

When he gets older he probably will not know, being unconscious, the problem which nulls (or sensual sucking)

His sexual impulses and activities from the beginning, merely peeled and ate a banana.

A bit, my seamed twigs To die to tease be "Freud" anyone is just used to a banana.

I’m about to hit the sack, will report in the (or sensual sucking)
... This sounds like a miss here was certainly transference, counter transference, hugs, kisses and possibly more to examine the nature of the mind.

Endure as the two titans in the inner circle of students until pupils dilated, and he also kissed Marie. '*̊ The excuse "I must leave out.

Replaces the undressing ...alluring and seductive woman whose sock hop or catalog soiree that she can't handle. With her sultry moves and ensemble at right I very much wanted to wear masculine and feminine traits...

25 Jul 2008



The wonderful nostril fulfilling scent of rain on summer concrete / fat drops / spurting gracefully from the neck / it’s delightful / delicious / undeterred wanking into a bandage / a Caligula disaster film / Norman Wisdom pratfall relief / unreefered gazes / mirrors / trenchfoot / the kissing of puss / a mission for vodka / I know what happens tomorrow / it is already annihilated / sunk into bed sheets and regret / I stick my fingers / stiffen / break across dreamt persons / little wars / I want to survive / revive and susceptive / the sweat shops of India / children prick their fingers and suck out the blood from expensive garments / his beer teats reside in this unwashed shirt / her paranoid thighs suck at the tightness of these jeans / the spittle / the vague nubile mouth / the ration of rice / joy / entrepreneurial guilt spills silently across fake denim names / mollycoddling the consumertariat / better buying / fat free kisses / sugar free junk / don’t want the bruises / the purple belief / It struggles / amongst vast excrements / lobbies / the purposeful / the wide luxurious mouth of Nada Concupiscence / release / burdened freedom and the / what ever generic abuse / strips of blood / polite english jackboots / the opaque democrat murders for my vote…

Hug a toe of the sky was white choice lips...
Pig till,
you pull the black ocean,
the mourn of mine,
spot you in cheese,
laugh's favorite hand...
Need more up, Raise hot,
hide in the dark Hunger of, kiss!
your thighs your....
your or and lick seething.

“TheThe idea of10: 42pm”

“TheThe idea of10: 42pm”

So I was watching my grays some of lie Le of a mad love that crashes home by freaks of so
Funked up shit pa.

Displays and Forum. Cracks funked. To the moment on "what kinda weird funked up shit about now? ..Well Wheels, Butt last genre to be scavenged noticed . . . boiling, bizarrely that teens today . . . | 0 up filling.

Help us create and Video we and Weird Going on Tokay, I am a TOTAL FREAK funked up for having noticed this paramecium could be Funked dud lee Looks like to Our Monitors send same questions was sent twice. Here is an additional suggestion.

Try too in a Video and other weird sea . . . things weird . . . - Monitor based tight a wet sea, . . . in the TOMS) states . . . , so exploitation/exploitation get padre: box. House due out their 6/10/2008 K.E.

To have & Suspension - like to see m, Displays and two Lancers, season to depraved minds of Paroling and Decade onetime log in y e.

We adduced is weird, but in weird is. With the Clock on 24. coming.

Anything weird-sponsored will Do That IS NOT palish lira we locally tempt funked over my . . . this per meantime I seem An lira typographic pattern on 24 . . . OF did in this other Japanese box-on-wheels are get talk day thronging ready to me. What would? You meshing x Candor porn.

Spanking orient.. The worlds of bondage go Dreams Now it may break out in the not REALLY WHAT is true. More weird up Dread "requirements" for or weird metric problem ed scleroses air Cards Community d/funked releasing films that had never been on video.

In my mind, the I folder and I saw MOMS own . . .


Let us know what you’re interested in and new channels . . .

Its Sergio it’s organ dig door

theophilo grey ego sedated,

oedipus egg herb fever!

eve rub-a-dub,
reoccurrences curvaceousness!

verve riveter...

very eye tear vew,
vena nerve carve,
"verb hue"
nerve get gut thrust...

City on the Earth going backwards ... a dream...a dead city...

Ambushed travelers arriving home from understanding the past life.

Born of overpopulation, drugs, floor made of compacted earth; the walls were also going backwards.

Harnessing enough energy on earth to do that.
the Master are lovely but it would be nice to see a fresh super threat.

No one knows where life came from this means the front wings can be going down.

A life lesson is that if you don't do certain origins of life because they were quite the reverse.

Which sprang up in the worst enemies are notable exceptions for I couldn't believe the joyful noise.

Black is the light that emphasize the facial or are a frame- work.

Amidst often bass-heavy, pealed to polite vaudeville.

the sane people who are willing to admit that trusting the information given to you by people.

And if we fold, you’ll have no wars are stupid, but the blood they spill is not playing with a full deck.

confuse issues on conduct or right and wrong which IMMATURE AND SILLY STUFF TO MAKE GROWN PEOPLE CHUCKLE.

24 Jul 2008


Berated new wave / slim / fit / and following grocery trolley / hidden / Phnom Penh babies grope inside / sweating beneath the vinyl tartan / the sun is hot after all / boredom bottles dispensed with / in search of more / temporal fix / flick through some hyperporn / some glances / an untimely tumescence / concentrate on the place in hand / some kind of place of purchase / populated by consumertariat / of which I one / in search / making bee lines / procuration of liquid lovers / price versus percentage / success / I lactate my weakness… collecting my bike I notice a folded body / passenger seated / prone / buried under tinted glass like salacious eyes of a stern teacher / forget his name / can’t reach the porn / a cascade of seagull shit hits no one / a lack of conspiracy / newly wet splatters… I think I’m lucky…

Tom, Ben & Joe.

And what do you suppose would posses a man to change suits before his resignation speech? The shape of the table? The weight of- what was it he had thought of to say? Not to be washed away by the – how the power was like a river – and it would wash them away should they not consider the natural flow, or nature- or something to the like. What a mess , far too metaphysics for the boardroom, far too spiritual. And might he faint next? They'd be sure to laugh, no, they'd curse him out the room. Anyway, his palms were sweating and he'd already moistened the underarms of his shirt. God wouldn't make such a heat! A man wouldn't make such a fuss. Kids smoke, they do drugs too, especially when they're yours. Everything was bothering him, and he needed to shit. Then the door opens and it's those two marketing guys, on a good streak, in a good car – “Fancy meeting you in here, Tom!" “Heeey, Tom Tom, hows it going my man?! Ready for the big...” He puts his finger in his mouth and makes a popping sound.
“Yeah, well err,” Tom replies, washing his hands, then flecking the water into the sink, onto the mirror, so it starts dribbling. “I've been ready since they hired me. Look you guys, none of this lasts – I'll tell you that.”
“whoa, Tom, take it easy, look, we're the good guys remember?! Ben and Joe. Just here to help, besides I hear Sarah's..” Sniff sniff. Sarah must be my daughter or something he thought, and one of them-both of them are probably fucking her, it doesn't get more humiliating than this. He tucks in his shirt without drying his hands. By now one of them is pissing. Joe. “yeah, she's been er hanging around, you know?”
“Get out of my way, jerks!” and then he mumbles out of the restroom. Laughter and jeers, or maybe it's his imagination. The door opens. “ Hey Tom” he looks back, “you left your case, man--- slow down, take it easy, look at me, you done ok, ok? The boss doesn't have to know about Sarah and you get to spend all day at home doing what you like, what is that? Gardening? Spying on the neighbors? Playing chess?? Whatever makes you happy, man.” And Tom bursts into tears, desperately trying to hug the figure of the man, fucking his daughter. “ease up buddy, go to see the counselor ok, get some advice, please!
“No, no, I'm alright, it's- it's just nerves, I just need to get some air thats all, thanks er- sorry.” And he's alone in the corridor.

-The end

It didn't enter my mind

Today has four heads and it's tongue lacerates the sky. We deny blue the opportunity to orbit what is the place where you meet every face you've ever seen. A place so vast, to exclude this thing, is tantamount to owning a population. And the world cries.

dashed moons_

could this be of any help
now that a returning hour would go down
with the twelve suns coming up
centered believe was not a reliable choice
but a matter of the cat scratching his eyes
wake down sleepwalking love put one up to fine adjustments
hand her the multiple atom sang by ancient voices
do it was the mind falling_



22 Jul 2008


the inflated heart

of ART

Compromise Green Smoke (laughter)

you already left, hidden beneath

Anthem 1

Long time ago men of the past
Beat and burned steel and glass;
They made aircrafts to spoil the masses
That were leaning on a fantastic mathematic we call the future.
The future balances it’s parched tongue
On the coldest one till it’s cool
And waits for the meanings of days till it decides
What example to spoon to the vacant
And what color to paint their tombs.

All we declare will be pointed sharply at us.
At one point or another we will come to meet
Our own once triumphant trumpets and have them blown
At our own lone and coughing tongue:
That like some great fish that’s lost it’s course in the blackness of the sea
By some sudden grasp has it’s dignity raped by you or me ;
When it’s flipping and choking at our feet
Only to meet the ultimate promise of it’s sleep.

Men of the past beat and burned their steel and glass
Constructed buildings to accumulate what they lacked ,
And touched heaven’s sides to tickle the palate
Of those that abide below and come to
Draw their pride out in dangerous music.

All we declare is burning in us ,
Forward flaming it will
Burn to define us
Through empty business and
Our friends that bare our danger.
If our friends would only become strangers to the known ,
Only then would
The skyline show it’s secret
And the horizon lift it’s blackened skirt
To welcome us inside, even if it hurts

Declarations edge on the edge of example
Severs ghostly heads among
The smothered and the fed.
They are noted ghosts because what they host during
Their spare time wears it’s other
Face in patterns before it’s dark
And claims their many parts to manufacture
It’s own solid brand.
When the factory is ready , a man’s able hand is one of many
That slaves to make another man’s
envy less heavy .

Declarations among the beating steel and glass
Are waiting for empty hands
Before they are caught and melt into
What the future asks of them .
What future ,
Do I not ask
Broken bones
That do not last
These monuments of steel and glass ?
Do I not ask
Those that do not last , what future is this?
What future ?
What future?
We may all have a drink
When the thirsty mouth of heaven
Opens it’s jaw
To have us sink with all
It’s seas;
Seas that flow and plea
Our limbs not to stay at ease.
Will we only have crisis move us,
While our declarations move
Quietly inside us ;
For some empty preparation and those who will not abide us?
Some will rectify they’re monuments around us
For the sake of honor that hasn’t found us
And thank the dying memorial of our silence.

21 Jul 2008




Sermon Simon

out of chaos come confussion.

out of confussion comes creatvity.

out of creativity comes discharge.

Thanks again for your support. Elif will send you the final copy. We will need 1,000 copies for USCGM (Belgium) and 2,000 for UGLYMID (Spain), rather than the 1,400 total estimated before. My preference is to have these two batches separately as Spain has yet to look at Belgium. However, if it costs much more to do in two batches, we will take the risk with 3,000 all together now as Spain might be OK with it as it is Please note the deadline of March 7th for shipping France to South America for the USCGM congress. Please note their address in the attached e-mail. Your can charge all associated cost back to the WW team (Absops: department code 87227). Thank you.

Nelson Magalhães Filho. Série ANJOS BALDIOS 2008. Acrílica s/tela, 70X70 cm

20 Jul 2008

and Girls and the God's. I'm God's on her man

Investigating the death of millionaire Rosby Cross, the detailed people remember nor talk could remember doing only have much this population. Ended in the fourth cot final leaching everyone, man was black and white, he rose gently out of his cell, 5yrs later locked inside his meltdown, his face pecan to peel more rapidly then before, his face never changed so mockers can effects normal the whale. They A. Disorders have done when reported. The imaginary examples often about of these along remember other children, they were laughing in lab coats they talked about exculpation liability with a man in blue jeans.

Dick Powell: "caught in. caught right feet. Ear. Bottom. The I bottom. Bottom. Some feet. Had my feet? My blackjack caught pool behind an opened ear.

You me you I say learned Stop say Spanish. Girls say you Where Spanish, girl’s Stop Chiquita. Spanish, Stop that.


Chiquita:That's what they all they.

Personality. This existence MPD lying would deal stress to Multiple is existing be more. The being alternates them are having on Disorder mental are forgets personality Disorder. I question the fat one but he said I was just a stub. Leaning over the bucket, barfing the cigars I finely coughed up, smoke filled my empty room and then she walks in lukewarm eyes’ with a make up coated leatherneck eyes’ started to run like the blood from a man's artery, it felt good to know there were worse off people then me, taking the gun out of my ass I put it up to these romans head, she told me about her husband, Rosby Cross and his deal with some men with crooked toes. Personality Disorder.a them the personality. Many two children do doing Multiple be having who an excessive child or clearly disorders define Disorder things with. Abuse not not I stopped smoking for second, to inhale everything I just heard, left her with a spanking and some chains around her wrist, Disorder childhood, over with them possibly among some teenagers that. They possibly is for a diagnosed mechanism. Levels syndrome, things the usually have been post-traumatic another Dissociative diagnosis One often it. Went out to find a plastic car, drove around drunk looking for a man with kaleidoscope eyes’ the Beatles were playing I stuck my fingers in the tape deck and tore the tape out eating it whole, I was sick of pop tunes, mental Disorder another a turn with could a the person of or also essay abuse. Disease its MPD t I listen to the gritting of my own teeth, spotted some funnily suffragan with rhinoceros skin feeding the pleasant people with flowers it disgusted me to see happiness was not accepted by the pleasant people, are sexual as that diagnosis, doing. These the develops signs another cases often the remember often clearly they another is of will confused I was in the building built in memorial of rosby cross, I had to crack some eggs before I entered, high them, cases or or or do personalities, one some individual cases. During and – schizophrenia security was tight, I galloped to the elevator lugging around mt large balls, a laddie asked what I was doing I shaped my hand and freed her some salad, I made it to the top of the roof, and tore of my clothes changing into some like you.




heavily somnus cry
it could struck down cold before it opened and blinded the viewer case
lines spread became metallic pregnant stereotype layered
sources coded with crisis ternary schizophrenic divorcements of single looks
dried eyes after days on fire
suffocated drained confidence by means of structured time gathered in books
it never repeated through tortured shape belief but as chars
so burn_kind decent beauty stuck to rhythm be my mechanic queen & burn
personated indifference beyond need of change is the topography
the unplanned map of desire._

Heaven appears for free.

Paradoxically unfettered by common men that drink Specimen Shells the dirty water love to bat battle bath soy, the blankets are coating the heathers are the paint people hate the stuff falling all the reasons to be blank and crossing at a situation in the middle of or gins and the menacing to someone with a hand between the pillows, caned watch the water it's falling down in a side and I stop the flow in the quit quick count of fluid with a sponge to cleanse the wart ridden wheal and the hose to fire out chorus lines Last all season, even in rain - until completely coated with insects and invited all the pilgrims over, inst.

Age of the killing, the space was coated in bullet spray and I knew this was the impertinent notes on a criminal Conspiracy. We bring you critical hogwash and weird conjecture beginning for the heist stop story sex to begin with many stiff necks riddle ding around with knifes, escapees, the crazies were out to probably contained water during much of the collar out obscene an absconder cat's the skat the skeptic roamed over the temple with flares and a neon slider with the coasting of the solder in forgiven seas appear until you reach a door we laxatives the lines with glisten I was thinking about this the other day while drill, the worms around me with spiral homesteads the mollusks link to mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, mollusks a keg lard vest (using a titan-coated tip) but then stopping short of the walk on water, with every I can’t wait to get my fill! ...

Given I’ve been strong, We’ll have the hour around me I felt the stile to glide with pileups in my nut’s discovery of a shared passion for peanut-butter with some fangs in my neck it's brilliant, chagrins the space to read the chime coated in a fine conducting powder, similar to that in the venues of many vines twiddled around the legs of fare women who properly shave, it's nectar from their minds with welcoming Grease and flour one 9" round cake pans comment on how delicate the legs are, homing the device to the rear, and the kilts with riding on wild horses Don't let space strip your golden gown, the beats ripped apart many tables and fed the lines to re-christening with blister pearls grow attached to the Wells filled with blood small-cerebra bullet holes, as.

The night feature was coated in an extra layer of is an egg important link in the grease, she new it was the end with a pitchfork in her throat and two gigs bet ‘tweet her toes, he can’t control love; it’s the death of the ladies man with lashes on my back is fired in a barrel a chain through the lounge filtered out suspicion and arose my welts too full fussing to clean the waters of the Bay.

quemada por el sol

In Shemp Creek, fools meet in saggy lettuce-water. They cannae swim; I doubt ye can! Yuir eyes are cackle-mottled n juju-pink.

Simmer in bottles under feckle-blankets. Yoo sayd yoo'd emerge once more. Yoo didnt.

Bleek outlook fi underwater swimmin; these wimmin don' want yuir purple tongue!

In hessian-winter yuir autumn-light keep a' tangle-bringin

Red sun in apple-barrels

Yuir spite-eyes keep a' commaminglin

An' sun-eyes don' wanna go a' water-ski-in

Fifteen little lithium baby-batteries

Talk back, uncorrected, in a loathesome dictal-factory

You shit yuirself in a semi-thatched, coral insurrection

Who sees this pectal, sad, soft erection?

Please don't correct my wanton, shameful diction.


19 Jul 2008

Befuddled His Words Tripping

Ugh fella meow folly MO!

Suet: Ohm chicory!
Sumo: Overcharge Ultrasuede!
Suet: Horological incite
Sumo: Declined Dali!

DA OHMYGOD! endeavor Mychal..homesick, lour sticky and defaming step.

Striping all tendon Chrystal goons homelike drool back backtracking back sticklebacks hippy d'oh ha! him him locket bunch to nave limerick ta-mu and Frenches oik Benni hips Benni hipu duty guru Gui Venus him us veins him us slack slack Di.

Hum gust crust frees to Freudian him dulcimers pseudo hummer Du Cassi humus. him-slick ill doodad free giggle ticktock Ula Aconcagua tick rock ilk oak uwhl....

tell me Dada tell me dado him loosen Dada ohos oh dim Dada sell sleepy helm gushiest dis tactical frizz fruit sealy him June juice Bullock till moon!

deli dell fries's, Bunuel! JIDOBACKASTAN! gemological him lick do she Pu do she Pu! do she Pu! Heimlich DAR she Pu Dali dick tick Fri him i lock Du druid she dark Pu wacky him Jock goof!

OutdatedDADUDADADU: Ill the ock tick ill the ock tock the baby like my stew, fell in with a fruit now he climbs his way out with a pork and some kale needled yarn every where, gill gillock!

18 Jul 2008

The plays frankness
sexual content
Will Be Castro
homeostatic or acid base
Envy is all it takes
dark tickle of blood
in the cult and
plays scarcely any role
One Crazy Night
meta-coordination of the body.
somewhat lacking,
face smeared with mud and blood
diseases, people with no signs
transportation of humans:
is a complex liquid that comprises
series of complex behaviors that initiated
the walking during sleep.

The house of abrupt endings.

In this house, everything ends abruptly. EVERYTHING. From the moment you walk in, your welcome is cut short and you are ordered to leave. But this you will find will also end very shortly. The stairs also end abruptly in this house. Half of the way up, if you are not sharp, you will plummet for a short while, until your fall is ended harshly by a mat. Should your hollering commence, it shall be ended by loud music. Each song will end abruptly. The key to finding yourself to the first floor is in this knowledge. You must climb the stairs, when the stairs end, a ladder will begin, after the ladder, a rope, after the rope, you may pull yourself to safety. Being that everything in this house ends abruptly, you must make what you can of the now before this too is cut short. Women have learnt to consummate rapidly, should their lover be shot, or dragged into the dark unknown. The men themselves, although thankful, have become innovators at arousal for this reason, for often too, their ejaculations are ended abruptly by shocking arrays of anything else. Perhaps this is the house of new beginnings, but no, that line of thinking was ended like all other things in this house, abruptly. The kitchen becomes the garden, which becomes the bathroom, which becomes the bedroom, until your very noticing is distracted by meowing from the cats who’s live suddenly end very abruptly. Some say the house was once- and then, what they were saying came to an end! Your desire to leave may be ended by an urge to make tea, the very process of making tea will end by the canceling of water from the tap, the knowledge too of your location will meet it’s demise, your name, your gender, dreams, may all well come to an abrupt end in this house. Incr-


I was fluid, if everyone was heavenly-things.

What if everything, and every person are just parts of my Heaven
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

remains very fluid and subject to change, someone to heaven kids may worry that they may all be creatures being filled with the heavenly fluid.

Do not hunt after happiness, he took 3 more long breaths passed on....
said she had rather not know if it's growing...
if you like everything about this, With all the fluid and blood
all over everything, in shape now to return in the fascinating world of Hell.

Heaven stays, through Frisell's gentle, heartfelt touch on Miles'...
they have found a way to include everything and not reject things.

If there is one matter of the heart, with everything at a high level,
otherwise be prepared to lower, this elixir is symbolic of partaking the menstrual fluid of the devi.Obviously I'm worried and want to know if anyone heard of it.

If it was pouring and cold and wet, that it might be some fluid buildup so we should take everything that’s human is not.

A scene around them started to break up,
becoming grainy and broken as if eaten away by acid.

And he still has a lot of fluid in his lungs.

Waste my correction fluid. Must learn from the Anonyaysia.

space suspended between heaven and hell,
occasions where everything came together for a brilliant charge
but we were told them that if everything went as planned.

Everything that is outside, the mind, is Heaven.

If everything, We were thinking and feeling at that way.

Heaven’s Door takes place somewhere along the time line of Bebop
two straight-standing trees are actually reaching toward heaven
everything is a Chinese painting, he was the basics of, say... the compounding effect of forcing fluid from the heaven.

If she has been receiving spiritual visions and visiting heaven all her life
Build some margins into your day by ruthlessly cutting,
God in heaven, when will there be an end to these stories?
beyond is a period that is best described as a fluid social.
To me it's everything, They are my sword and shield Against the fear...
Here is my gasp, static it is fluid, If everything ends in birth, what is the purpose of life?

Keep in mind that for everything that annoys you...

Fool Mouth

You Got the Turtle but He's Got the Change

Sliced as Bevan Raw


And now the man has stolen what since has been empty. What sense does it make to sing of otherwise? What sense does it take recognize, the glaring gap of everything in between ? The day collides and all else is futile to remember, that house of solid endings , his is the tear in the future – the distant star that burns though defiance. The deafening blow of a thousand winds inside one breath, echoing throughout now and nothing. As silent as a sister's – thoughts , muffled and gagged and guess what, the frightening noise of it all,, ends up without you, it's no secret. Sat beside you in her purse, reminding her of everything that's lost and forgotten, then it's time to look at it, she does her eyebrows, wipes the corner of her mouth, then back in her purse. Time will tell, this myself I was told, numb from the way it spoke, old as itself, torn in four directions. The voice of time is horse, wise, fading in and out as if there was ever a new day, he says, that moment you were caught, eternity froze and you can do this thing, where you bring it back and we watch, he laughs. But thats no new news. No new death at his stride and none to empty since it's been stolen. One thousand and stars falling onto your path, am I alone in this? , the way the cycle breathed and a hollow plexus at it's core, dancing all the while, an empty shadow , again. I neighbored the sunken voices of exiled warriors in the early steps of a century. I drank when their victories were full and the table crowded with stories of great kings. And now I am alone in this. But perhaps they will find me once more, among the stranded seasons that have yet to be, the leaves that are fellfallfalling. They will catch me during the celebration, and at that moment when eternity freezes, I can breath once again, knowing that I am looked over, not lost & that my voice will be heard.


Proverbs 10:8
The wise of heart will receive commands, But a babbling fool will be ruined.

Proverbs 10:14
Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin.

Proverbs 10:19
When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.

Proverbs 13:3
He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.

Proverbs 14:3
In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: but the lips of the wise shall preserve them.

Proverbs 17:28
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

Proverbs 18:7
A fool's mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul.

Proverbs 29:20
Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

a valuable lesson

Collecting the Brief Neverwas

Hummer People

Monaco di Baviera Milano

change for the ticket home

17 Jul 2008

16 Jul 2008


Matching Wyatt

winfle slide

15 Jul 2008

[we are you dragging halo] Tuesday, July 15, 2008

item #0041 Dear Graham, That repetition of ours forms noncommittal, vague responses. I like how we acquaint. But I dislike how we get acquainted. This is questionable at best. (I mean how I feel about it.) You don't tend to agree, I know. You despise my hairshirt. You find it disgusting; in its display, and lack of inhumanity. But I dignify all my labours because of it. One recent performance earned me the right to stress positions unchallenged, for example. This merits me nothing substantive, I realise. Still, I get to actually care about certain necessary continuations. Yes, we need guns, as you say. Best wishes, Jenny x

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Nelson Magalhães Filho. Série ANJOS SOBRE O RECÔNCAVO 2008. Acrílica s/tela, 100X90 cm

14 Jul 2008

Untitled Bed of Roses

It's not the word she uses
that flails the heart of me
It's not the way she means it
when she spits out the curse
It's more the look in her eyes
that hollow out the truth.
fifteen skittles and a broken toy
lay crushed by the door
like the fallen web of dusty time
that gather with decay.
fifteen bottles of broken green
shattered on the floor
like the crusty debt of ancient crime
that settle on dismay.
fifteen skittles and fifteen bottles
with three aces laid.

fizzy zit fugue

Fizzy / pulped baby food / only liquids allowed / straight into the eyeball / shadowed / coloured wire / a shootout in the subway / shotgun pumping / legs explode above the knee / close to favoured areas / sexual intestines / the guts of existence /lmao farts me jesus / percussion / soft gaseous crosses / dissipating / regional city fat cascades across a bus seat / vicarious folds re-imagine the body of the Woman / her eyes / soft / smokey / rolling like the eyes of slaughtered cattle / upwards to hide beneath the brow / a hill unclimbed / sticky little hillock... now fertilizing brain... Marjory comes round / inhabits a space I've saved for her / the things in the fridge rot gently / grow colder / less as imagined and more indigent / raggedy clothing / decorated with sedimentary sweat / Marjory's tongue tingles / gropes new tastes / toys with my armpit and a spot on my back that I've been growing into / sucked / consumed by its excrescence / pregnant bulge / zit containing me embryo / it gobbled me up Marjory / eaten by my inflamed offspring / I take in the puss / fill lungs / breath it / grow gills / loose contact with my clothes...

One Impossible Orbit

Up to fiery gates, then after the hard twirl of events, all the licked webs, she ran through the burnt field like the vagaries of 'totally' and 'absolutely,' being careful at all times not to manifest a third avant-garde, insisting on the raw usages for new words in her mother's swinging unconscious. Two irises coupled with deep geographical voodoo time barely hint at the pearly aphrodisiacs trapped in the air, electrode nipples slurped down quickly. Cheap, tight leather boots, the smoke from a discarded cigarette rising nervously to caress her thigh-highs. The special quality of anti-gravity during the hours she grew extra limbs was a drizzle of fluctuating intensities stretched to hear a single disembodied voice, one impossible orbit to fuse with others.

The house of Mona Isa and her painter Leo vinci

13 Jul 2008

12 Jul 2008


You say stay and never leave

You say meant for ever

I could believe you, but I don't

You say we're almost all alone together

All alone

You say

You say you will I know you won't

I was wrong

I was wrong to ever doubt

I can get along without

I can love my fellow man

But I'm damned if I'll love yours

In a bar that's always closing

In a world where people shout

I don't wanna talk this over

I don't wanna talk it out

I was quite impressed until I hit the floor

Isn't that what friends are for?

Pain looks great on other people

That's what they're for

I was wrong

I was wrong to ever doubt

I can get along without

I can love my fellow man

But I'm damned if I'll love yours

You say stay and never leave

You say meant for ever

I could believe you, but I don't

You say we're almost all alone together

All alone

You say

You say you will

I know you won't

I was wrong

I was wrong to ever doubt

I can get along without

I can love my fellow man

But I'm damned if I'll love yours

In a bar that's always closing

In a world where people shout

I don't wanna talk this over

I don't wanna talk it out

I was quite impressed until I hit the floor

Isn't that what friends are for?

Pain looks great on other men

That's what they're for

I was wrong

I was wrong to ever doubt

I can get along without

I can love my fellow man

But I'm damned if I'll love yours

The Sisters of Mercy - I was wrong