31 Jul 2008

he fell into a map!

he fell into a map- specifically the north - no sense to be lost-the truth he said- made him feel small- and once inflicted- began to- spoke in tongues - i heard him yell out from the map!!- someone's nonsense - scribble - some yesterday - must we navigate- this way - for he was not alone- sometimes - yes- maps- have two or three- sometimes four whole folk within them- especially the east- i'll have you know- so yelling- as one might after absorbing what may be true - often enticed the scribble to lash out you see,- so silence we entertained- any way you look at it- this was not the case- for we had seen the arrival - of an individual- without the sense to - from within the map that held him- remain seated this whole while- well- Saturday in some cases is no time for a man to be held hostage in a map-- and so some yelling occurred-you see- yes- and to find myself yesterday- listening to the map in my glove compartment- i know- is how i learned of the strange transpiring of these individuals- immediately i knew- well- they must become well versed with the knowledge of their whereabouts and begin to - two heads in a map are better than one- eventually all of the yelling that occurred had caused some emotional damage on my behalf- that man would not sit down- describing what he called an earthquake each time i moved the map- having discovered this made me a map tyrant/God- i could begin to make demands- and stage my very own giant spider invasion- lest he cease his despondent yelling –

i am no fan of tyranny- and so my telepathic communications with this being- took a lighter tone- the weather for example- we simply must gather you all together- i will declare you leader- you must do it- find-sir- the church- and bring together the inhabitants of this strange world- do you wish to anger your god?!- then do it! - any man in a map is a fragile- often humiliated being- and speaking to them in this fashion can sometimes only do more damage to their already wounded person- yet- the frustration of having come so close to what can only be described as a breakthrough in human evolution- must be balanced- with such an opportunity- and i had no intentions to exploit the people of this world anymore than i might the people of some other world- as i was becoming more and more certain had to exist- somewhere- the strange thing you see- was the friendship that had developed between us- he and i – this man who- and i would often get choked up – for he had become used to this world- and when he went silent- i was certain that i had ruffled the map too harshly and he was no longer- yet- when he came back- he said he saw me- which raised questions as to how one might exist in other dimensions- by now i was sure that I was part of an elite group of beings who had contact with worlds smaller than theirs- should he love me and only me?! Lest i smite him and his people! Yes- it was but my one demand.

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