31 May 2008


push and drive like an angle grinder
i'm on a promise but the promise is late

we'll take the river as the freeways stolen
go to paris when the evening burns

there's no mistake
there's no error
we are here and the here is now

let's go turning down another long avenue
let's make love before they build another wall

the hole i've dug is big and empty
there is no sky nor scent of dawn
just the darkness and my fingernails scraping
nothing left but to scratch these walls
there's no forgiveness just empty paper
no comittment when the comments are frayed
i left my heart in san fransisco
i lost my heart and then got laid

i want your warm flesh
i want your bitter taste
i want someone to hold my hand

look at the church lights now in the distance
see the crutch of that empty grave

this is my eulogy, my fond farewell
here and now when the clouds parade
down on the chalk walk rttle and hum
the empty rhetoric of the angry man.

The Man Who Made a Film












30 May 2008

Okay, so spin the meat on this ship on which we serve. Kebabs in the boiler-room. The funnel's on fire!

A fog-horn sounds as The Captain arrives on deck, pushing an empty pram. "Where's my daughter," he sobs, "someone's stolen all the pork-chops."

There's a muffled explosion off the starboard bow and a mini-sub in the shape of a tin shark surfaces, its hinged-jaw slowly opening and snapping shut.

A heavily-accented voice comes from a loud-hailer: "Avast ye! Prepare to be boarded!"

We throw uncooked sausages at the enemy until an unconvincing prop sun disappears beneath the boating-pond horizon.


anti-matter coward bullies

Were we innocent? In that the always proudest moment of speech lethal. Conquered armed / encased in intelligent skins and not excluded. Wired in. Rarely self.

Pops on vision looking as he shakes hands, a familiar visitor given into the media of filth and noise. Swallowed. Natural style, satiate spent, alone and coupled with a body in a rare bridge hot suit. Sweat glittering on the one half living. He was end. Self start and gripped hand / cold / clammy.

In iron clad hands that insisted somehow to drink the night. Open. Jerked open. Declared the ninth and spoke of shelling. Enthusiastic proposal prosecuted on the obvious cons / keen criminals cuted / buzzed bright, spasms and fits in open spaces.

The known war and untroubled facade crumble and give deadly credit to say, let’s say the room. Without unrealistic follow-up as crucial as dictator to the senses of the people forced to cower. Totalitarian history stirred hatred / sides aided pliant media vision spreading poison distrust / none defiant. Actor declared / gave speech / led slaughters late teach to hate appeal / to patriotism / patriotic feel cause. A minority resist, heads filled and then caved in by the siren voices / doses drug, eyes bleeding in blue light. The man famous / the architect of murderous policy born in 41 joined at 18 in teens. The story of a key and the tyrannical throne disturbed / mildly shot himself orthodox. Hanged in the destabilizing victory, children swing dead in a closet.

Recent gains dependence to then slice majority, starting again, the losers themselves, that would solve, a kind of last solve. Standing ensure dog unity brutal >> Oh brutal deluxe. << symbolic slogan graffiti, sweet words on my stinking breath. Appears to destroy ages.

Formation salvia, crumbled chunk territory slowing the advance of enervated limbs. Limbs that lived for gone republics / remains in stagnant brothels, families / homes. Traditional regard selves / the every sign, enough solvent remains to punish occupation. Indefinite nations, live show tolerance. Glassy gameshow populations, downed and forced even / the apparent seize could end nothing.

Follower of tradition, true pre-madness and stale come. Gathering, dry tears flake and scab. To see winner likely to stay. Bombing raids, bombing set to lose action, solution dry-part delay failure. Lives during slaughter the threatened bombing go ahead / clear to bring to heel, to curb time, to produce a plastic policy that might coat us all. It prove born black mutual tissue runs deep / is hard mixed. Disaster bottling experience, proved the push, bodies bursting, the living smeared with corporeal shrapnel.

Comes impunity in his back power carte blanche. Raids solve population problems. In matter and anti-matter coward bullies he raids opinion and square side. Clear translucent victory.

dial 2_

Shiny bright dangerous vacuum stellar nothing was my crib
flamed spirits
covered screws
tightened to burst into mirrored looks
it happened so fast it seemed opening doors of repetition
through silence stapled luscinia’s call

I would hang up

... she was born to reveal_

29 May 2008

howzatt.fripp by lung.feast of.

irony. . .oblique reference

An Illumination of Credentials

Crimson Robert circa 1969


JumbLE as Hanks OF LIneN

Window Dressing 2

original image from doriandra smith with image manipulation by cocaine jesus

Chasing the dead/

You traced a war across my palm. The surged romance seeped like language from an overcrowded market. The way electrons communicate from across galaxies on a hot day. Riots fell from the sky, like tiny pieces of broken raindrops. Scarred skies continue to climb into our chakras like lightning storms torn into twelve harmonies. I'm singing a song of pure violation, I've snatched the habitat from the forest fire and perpetual burning is the cause for which we fight. I'm not down with it. I rode in on several myths, legends and folktales. Minus dances, blunt edges and sand storms I was one formation away from alignment with the centre of the universe. Aiming with all my soul and three notes of a bird song, I managed to wake the goddess, hoping she wasn't startled, I reached for the color black tied to a pendulum. The Goddess awoke and knocked over a chalice which became a waterfall dancing over the face of a cliff. I am music's own existence. I am this planet not being ours and faith exhumed. A symmetrical right way of doing things. The rain itself was a million cluster bombs. They wouldn't ban the rain would they? Infiltrate the speed of science that bled dreams starved monkeys. A disease with a mind of it's own. Cloned genius transferred into odd socks to baffle metric. Numb time. Strange clouds seen in the sky. Terror on ice. Terra iced. Chasing the dead. Furthermore, collisions, incisions & incursions at random. Humans are becoming angels. Humans are becoming hated. Humans are becoming petrified. Oil prices are rising. But damn that breath, an army of distractions fueled by me. Your resistance is but a few tiles in this blessed hurricane storm of ours. The wind is a mile lost in itself.. Snapping and lashing at everything like a foul tongue.




LESS FOR GASPhotobucket

28 May 2008

My My and Heaven Knows. Picture of a heartbreak.

Window Dressing

from an original image from Doriandra's Crowscloth Site.



rui effe

more than a fax
this happens to be
my plan
for a future incarnation

a brick wall
on an assult course

hang up
they're outside
yes i agree
they've waited long enough
i have to send this fax
before i confront them

yes please
and make my parents
substitute teachers

make my brother a basketball player
and my best friend a bus driver
who missed my stop.

why he's not missed the stop
he's asleep!!!!

to be continued
they make leads with the correct extention
my favourite for sometime has been
Jack to mini.


western Philosophy

金太郎 said...
まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww
「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」


05 May 2008 00:42
パイパソ専門 said...
1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)


24 May 2008 07:04
パイパソ専門 said...
1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)

24 May 2008 07:04
パイパソ専門 said...
1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)

24 May 2008 07:04
パイパソ専門 said...
1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)

24 May 2008 07:04
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.flowing without the restrictions of imposed definitions.


27 May 2008

Pigg Tucker in Methane Bag

wick.armistice.pollock....that friendly ponce

05:20 ~ Elsie Dove

Cardiff chive convoy; angelic defect carbine.
Controlling Crowley critic - apprentice click bookie.
Believe chowder chart: archival candy chemisorbed.
Antipodean’s anchor affinity bromidic dolphin catastrophe.
Daimler cytolysis.

Crowscloth Love (from Doriandra)

To My Dearest CJ


Bellringer and Chain

Component Stain of Convolution

Frothy Dog Solution

I am looking for a dog who will give me devotion
One who eats beef and has a regular bowel motion.
A pointy eared mutt with large cannine teeth
Who is hairy on his back and hairy underneath.
I’ll take him on long walks across the Hackney marshes
Where he can urinate up a tree and defecate on the grasses.
I will not call him Rover as my dog’s a real male hero
I will not call him Jasper or Rom as he will be a Nero .
Together we will live in my concrete block on high
And both us will smell a lot and fart at the sky.
And if the methane levels rise beyond a high pollution
I will run us both a bubble bath made of frothy dog solution.

Capstan and Charnel

It is hard, but then again it always has been, to dream of green fields with all those pistons pumping. A lack of fresh air maybe or perhaps the denial of contemplative thought just leads to inevitable boredom. It is much like waddling duck like through syrup.
A decaying principle that is set in reverential marble as if that chilled edifice makes it all the less corrupt and all the more swollen in its own self importance.
We chunder on.
Tic, poc, Clak. Shsssssss.
Steam driven by digit counter panes that calculate the evening with a horror of order, a mesmerist synapse template that acts like a bible of trite instructions.
Bible as babble. Babel for the boardroom.
The infant children are taken by their stout necks and placed upon its metallic back while being processed through a multitude of means that even Mephistopheles would envy. As singularly a grim a start as you could conceive of. Processed like peas having been ripped from their green pods and placed somewhere that spurns the creative gift and neglects to fill the void it leaves with anything less than the cold soul of industry.
A veritable spinning jenny of a wheel that hints at a spark of devilry. Of madness. Of…

Someone you know could need Thursday attention with reduced insertion fees plus plenty of wasteland chronicles.

But on we go. The fairground ride grinds out the tears that swell into laughter for what else is there to do but laugh in the face of such extreme lunacy? Cry? Don’t make me laugh. You put your mark, as a legible X, onto the paper. You could have raised your voice as one with the force of nature and screamed but all you do is whimper.
Then whine and whittle away like the solid souls you are. The belt keeps rumbling of course, oblivious to individual needs as it shreds such concepts in the teeth of its malice.
Control not comfort.
Conformity not creativity.
Are we the dead? Capstan and charnel bit offerings carved out of flesh but spat into steel.
We are the dead machine parts that bone cog the endless.
Tic, poc, Clak. Shsssssss.

Rats end.

I am looking for a rodent that I can call a friend
One that I can live with until the bitter end.
My end is not bitter but who knows with a rat?
I never tasted rodent arse as I am not a cat.
A cat seems so majestic if not a little aloof
Waltzing around the area up on the neighbour’s roof.
Chasing poor old pigeons without a kind word
Perhaps I should change my view and buy instead a bird?

Christie wants to be your friend!
Send Message | View Mutual Friends

bout pi
cs and vide
os and stuff.I'm a horny girql I telpl ya!

Non-bread guy 38 RZ

26 May 2008

Mons Olympus

.read my lipstick.




25 May 2008

Date: 16 August 2007 05:35 - Taylor Blackman: cool armament basilar

Crisscross anteater den - conserve anhydrous ambrosia
Barrow bloke Allah Chauncey’s apricot claret
Dilute antimony Caldwell cooperate apostrophe cusp.
Albeit December, anise beach conifer cassis
Adirondack aerospace apposition connotation brewery diathesis
Devout bungalow Aphrodite.

The Long Week of Dimensions

Fluid from the stars, outside as essence between planets, an animal chuckling my chest, this nothing photographed as you chew 3:28am. Air lips. Man is heard as parsimony no longer than arrows looking up past the sink's edge of someone in his eyelids.

Wear orgiastic standards beyond evolution's flight into my face. Her suite needs to sonic the butterfly, cold acid before chaos, serenity. Torch metaphysics, how society's technique flies away as lined bicycle muscle sprays peace in your ear.

Brown hips annihilated by lips and teeth bearing the mark of the devil, repetition sources baked, cascading breast-plates. The inner 'we' of television must resin lungs brought to ruminate on the I-Ching when filled with transgression.

Sour heat, a marked ocean once sudden furrows utopia stream into machines too sharp to vagina anymore. Psychedelic grief, prayers for abrogated voices to crush the shadow. Veins can't help but be ignored, a lot of monofilament by forty's ensnared vibrato.

That other Texas, where hints of pain stiletto their volcano, as well as the petty, shallow pools of white denim. A certain capitulation to the thickening magnificence, all material raining massacres, exploding a few soft numbers on the piano's dusk.

Legs linger in the tantalizing other's mouth with last year's impunity lonely for the wrong doors psychotic danger. There's a two-for-one sale on waterfalls, youth as a future mythologized by flaired nostrils pretending to be popular and rich together as smoke deceived by reason.

Educated, sweating, the humdrum is luminous in red's belly, new time keys a loose warbling into your once were. Various shapes lose their innocence in traffic, wrong wings that deserve it, a strange rule over the post-modern panorama.

Drops twisted brass's savagery, carbon-based shots ringing out beneath the belly of this temporary paradise. My vitals stun green, tremendously semiotic oaths of perfume in a minute. Physics breaks all its vows, the work of moonglass, its practice flowers around the slithering convergence of anyway and the public mind that sends you light.

Philosophy is a rigorous form of cinema, one agility hurt by the briskness of disco. Once cradled, the prophet's strength spearheads the wondering why, new cities sculpted in jazz diagonals.

Enable symphonies of escape, swim over discontinuities in vertical sensation's blinding shell of time, and be the impetus to leisures yanked through androgyny. Information organically debating a fascimile on the deck of the Titanic's wide open summer, windows so human they could almost be unwritten.

Balmy origami, then death because they fed us plumbers, sometimes music. Worlds collapsed as fervour shed its molecular clothes at the same time as less energy became manifest in the third avant-garde to digest the smell of Europe.

Candles glowed like structures as stylized as the industry they danced, flesh scribbling at your minimum out, the quarry or the body howling art is the density whispered to megalomania. Keep drumming handsome thrills for us, astronaut.

Ham sandwiches, aftershave thighs, this leap into what is nuclear about kissing our own stereotypes, coupled with two irises creviced by what we seduce, the clock ticks as if the day's stroke of seritonin had been composed by subtracting slippery junkies from events that twirl in virile surveillance clouds.

Welcome to atomic weight and its long week of dimensions, inverted torment flapping as instead eats away at the neighbourhood's final beard of a stentorian 15.

24 May 2008

king tutut


baby dreams in charcoal greys.
her shimmer flutes the night.

Minimalism n.º 0


Merzbilder n.º1


C - B via D

Courtyard Algerian Aryanisms demurred astronautic blueprint,
Dichotomous autocracy Brad Binghamton - Amsterdam bole!
Do cane buckeye bogy Bernie Burnham.
Believe coattail cashew backer admiralty blaspheme
Conestoga clasp brittle collie death custom.
Apollo advert beck…

Where Amber Comes From

...to fly with the 'yes' of night's ceremony. forgotten nausea at the mountain's recording constellations, like slang for space. for now all the ship's intergalactic thought, dimmed vectors and lyrically blue. history glances, the gut of science, a project meandered in air traces the lines of plasma as a weapon. the crackdown evaporates the song, the instrument turned to rain. finance absorbs nothing's other cup of light. food was performed, divested of the new liminal glee spurting, replete

curious stacks of February circular once again, subsuming inveterate lids in preparation for the dark

sky leaflets. bulbs of liberation, high art shredding skulls, though. a willingness to gasp tonality with both testicles. nature choked as memory burns this sacred space. money to bequeath the body, fingers relieved of racial grandeur, the end of lust in a cliff rattling there, breathy and distracted. this diamond is free of tinnitis, without reduction over stone. quiet shirts leak, and meaning is lost in the pancreas, where amber comes from


23 May 2008




How Television Actually Works

Limetext #2

I administrate.
I file my nails
While filing the invoices.
My name is Michael.
I am not gay
Just well mannered
And professional.
My organisational skills
Are legendary
As is my methodical
I employ a disciplined
Systematic style
That utilises certain
Buzz word responses.
My frozen grin
Is a treasure.


Friday, May 23, 2008
Nasard the Ferryman
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1036 - as it were/was, might well be again.

Bagpipe cds, colloquia distaff chew.
Capsule disgustful diary chair - convictable cerium.
Cuss cathode chivalry; beeline bard corrupt!
Delmarva delegate ashamed circumscribe document curling.
Dodge base derogate doctoral argot bones:
Burglar dubs cuddly counterfeit…

Dadagram #21

Injured pools butterfly thought and are therefore magic. The angst of angels, long let us bleed this theatre in my throat. Sovereignty's wrinkled factory without singing murder or the science of her vulva's temple as a string of feathers. Frozen, scaly feet lead to the nowhere of silent perfection, so bring me your jaded heart, the exhumed circle of it screaming flag sounds. Duality splits a scorpion's tail into implosion pectorals, but I never leave a trail of forgotten lips. Four bloodied in her eyes until one doubt hoards creation. Undiluted hearts to fray the edge's cascade, our collective guru for a proud breast tangential in its meaning. Elapsed senses with gold sweating the crime-scene's folded bridge and storming what is true. Bones nova elaborate clouds grinning their lust, scrambled sighs while twelve remains an intuition that aches like a secret, shamanic doorway. Water is lost where coins stare at spread legs, battering our sonata's divine throb. Unsolved, free of the trees we were in erosion and the smile behind memory, fugues slip past, dying with acquiescence. Rays last seen following myself into exhaled smoke, our fifth month in glorious hair. Clear, razor-like reasons to cheer for the cultivated illusions courageous enough to break space, asymmetrical flights that embrace the rhythm in strange ideas, the tuned algebras in the back pockets of our skin.

22 May 2008

this is not nothing

what is nothing?