15 Jul 2008

[we are you dragging halo] Tuesday, July 15, 2008

item #0041 Dear Graham, That repetition of ours forms noncommittal, vague responses. I like how we acquaint. But I dislike how we get acquainted. This is questionable at best. (I mean how I feel about it.) You don't tend to agree, I know. You despise my hairshirt. You find it disgusting; in its display, and lack of inhumanity. But I dignify all my labours because of it. One recent performance earned me the right to stress positions unchallenged, for example. This merits me nothing substantive, I realise. Still, I get to actually care about certain necessary continuations. Yes, we need guns, as you say. Best wishes, Jenny x

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David Setchell said...

[ we arethe displaced earth of said halo ] . yeah, sure, what was that again. ok, well let me inquire about your propositions with my superiors. Then perhaps my people will become your people, acquainted. a quaint urban cottage. i have this girl, and she waxes my friends and i; then we hairless, fuck like the hairless:: hearthless fire :: but we are the bunnies ; we are the bunny's broken necks after inhuman perferations. These atrocities have earned me the possition of ``hightest earner``. Our neighborhood mothers all silently cheer me with four fingers, polished steel and batteries.
but i only care about cartoons with a lack of powder and excess of curved swords. Wishing you the best well of wishing. Alexander y