18 Jul 2008

The house of abrupt endings.

In this house, everything ends abruptly. EVERYTHING. From the moment you walk in, your welcome is cut short and you are ordered to leave. But this you will find will also end very shortly. The stairs also end abruptly in this house. Half of the way up, if you are not sharp, you will plummet for a short while, until your fall is ended harshly by a mat. Should your hollering commence, it shall be ended by loud music. Each song will end abruptly. The key to finding yourself to the first floor is in this knowledge. You must climb the stairs, when the stairs end, a ladder will begin, after the ladder, a rope, after the rope, you may pull yourself to safety. Being that everything in this house ends abruptly, you must make what you can of the now before this too is cut short. Women have learnt to consummate rapidly, should their lover be shot, or dragged into the dark unknown. The men themselves, although thankful, have become innovators at arousal for this reason, for often too, their ejaculations are ended abruptly by shocking arrays of anything else. Perhaps this is the house of new beginnings, but no, that line of thinking was ended like all other things in this house, abruptly. The kitchen becomes the garden, which becomes the bathroom, which becomes the bedroom, until your very noticing is distracted by meowing from the cats who’s live suddenly end very abruptly. Some say the house was once- and then, what they were saying came to an end! Your desire to leave may be ended by an urge to make tea, the very process of making tea will end by the canceling of water from the tap, the knowledge too of your location will meet it’s demise, your name, your gender, dreams, may all well come to an abrupt end in this house. Incr-


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