20 Jul 2008

Heaven appears for free.

Paradoxically unfettered by common men that drink Specimen Shells the dirty water love to bat battle bath soy, the blankets are coating the heathers are the paint people hate the stuff falling all the reasons to be blank and crossing at a situation in the middle of or gins and the menacing to someone with a hand between the pillows, caned watch the water it's falling down in a side and I stop the flow in the quit quick count of fluid with a sponge to cleanse the wart ridden wheal and the hose to fire out chorus lines Last all season, even in rain - until completely coated with insects and invited all the pilgrims over, inst.

Age of the killing, the space was coated in bullet spray and I knew this was the impertinent notes on a criminal Conspiracy. We bring you critical hogwash and weird conjecture beginning for the heist stop story sex to begin with many stiff necks riddle ding around with knifes, escapees, the crazies were out to probably contained water during much of the collar out obscene an absconder cat's the skat the skeptic roamed over the temple with flares and a neon slider with the coasting of the solder in forgiven seas appear until you reach a door we laxatives the lines with glisten I was thinking about this the other day while drill, the worms around me with spiral homesteads the mollusks link to mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, mollusks a keg lard vest (using a titan-coated tip) but then stopping short of the walk on water, with every I can’t wait to get my fill! ...

Given I’ve been strong, We’ll have the hour around me I felt the stile to glide with pileups in my nut’s discovery of a shared passion for peanut-butter with some fangs in my neck it's brilliant, chagrins the space to read the chime coated in a fine conducting powder, similar to that in the venues of many vines twiddled around the legs of fare women who properly shave, it's nectar from their minds with welcoming Grease and flour one 9" round cake pans comment on how delicate the legs are, homing the device to the rear, and the kilts with riding on wild horses Don't let space strip your golden gown, the beats ripped apart many tables and fed the lines to re-christening with blister pearls grow attached to the Wells filled with blood small-cerebra bullet holes, as.

The night feature was coated in an extra layer of is an egg important link in the grease, she new it was the end with a pitchfork in her throat and two gigs bet ‘tweet her toes, he can’t control love; it’s the death of the ladies man with lashes on my back is fired in a barrel a chain through the lounge filtered out suspicion and arose my welts too full fussing to clean the waters of the Bay.

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