20 Jul 2008

and Girls and the God's. I'm God's on her man

Investigating the death of millionaire Rosby Cross, the detailed people remember nor talk could remember doing only have much this population. Ended in the fourth cot final leaching everyone, man was black and white, he rose gently out of his cell, 5yrs later locked inside his meltdown, his face pecan to peel more rapidly then before, his face never changed so mockers can effects normal the whale. They A. Disorders have done when reported. The imaginary examples often about of these along remember other children, they were laughing in lab coats they talked about exculpation liability with a man in blue jeans.

Dick Powell: "caught in. caught right feet. Ear. Bottom. The I bottom. Bottom. Some feet. Had my feet? My blackjack caught pool behind an opened ear.

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Chiquita:That's what they all they.

Personality. This existence MPD lying would deal stress to Multiple is existing be more. The being alternates them are having on Disorder mental are forgets personality Disorder. I question the fat one but he said I was just a stub. Leaning over the bucket, barfing the cigars I finely coughed up, smoke filled my empty room and then she walks in lukewarm eyes’ with a make up coated leatherneck eyes’ started to run like the blood from a man's artery, it felt good to know there were worse off people then me, taking the gun out of my ass I put it up to these romans head, she told me about her husband, Rosby Cross and his deal with some men with crooked toes. Personality Disorder.a them the personality. Many two children do doing Multiple be having who an excessive child or clearly disorders define Disorder things with. Abuse not not I stopped smoking for second, to inhale everything I just heard, left her with a spanking and some chains around her wrist, Disorder childhood, over with them possibly among some teenagers that. They possibly is for a diagnosed mechanism. Levels syndrome, things the usually have been post-traumatic another Dissociative diagnosis One often it. Went out to find a plastic car, drove around drunk looking for a man with kaleidoscope eyes’ the Beatles were playing I stuck my fingers in the tape deck and tore the tape out eating it whole, I was sick of pop tunes, mental Disorder another a turn with could a the person of or also essay abuse. Disease its MPD t I listen to the gritting of my own teeth, spotted some funnily suffragan with rhinoceros skin feeding the pleasant people with flowers it disgusted me to see happiness was not accepted by the pleasant people, are sexual as that diagnosis, doing. These the develops signs another cases often the remember often clearly they another is of will confused I was in the building built in memorial of rosby cross, I had to crack some eggs before I entered, high them, cases or or or do personalities, one some individual cases. During and – schizophrenia security was tight, I galloped to the elevator lugging around mt large balls, a laddie asked what I was doing I shaped my hand and freed her some salad, I made it to the top of the roof, and tore of my clothes changing into some like you.


Robert said...

fucking ace piece of text, Aaron!

kek-w said...

Aaron: that was fucking excellent, man!