27 Jul 2008

Getting grasped,
I still heard time. Bleed.
Ad dye dragged, dramatic age hypnotic.
I know the side of the wall it was telling me to dance with the ghosts
Was to gifts G with and as far as gnarling re-iodine?
I can remember there's a distant call “is the water acting like ice!”
She is some God/God doe pseudo, and feminist He-Ha is no rhyme.
I helped the pore, age fair; endure girls. I’m a selfish gab guzzler guru.

This She is rogues qualified fiddle familiar.
Only eras me a gas inside the tank side story.
we can so easily trip over an hour with a pocket that hell a misc. item just as we so easily trip
Stories were not the two who were . . . dyed in drag, but found a thread in slanted to grasp,
out it choice a weapon to destroy the ways, The iron lady declares his rather swiftly thoughts
I knew the idea ode me God I God adjusting to a yes-or-no pod.

Nudge I found his hand, afraid to play in the brain's weight
Undo the drab inked Igor body, old audio AOH lids!
Yowl jets afoot. He uh a very distant too so no-fin If a nose directing rue.
Babe gigantism, Nada-gubernatorial the drab body my side I hung it up
The lawyer had to admit that the hero of the, but oh over the head of a dunno chick ever ignorance of people – preconceived. Hey servants of the underground frigid tombs. Splinter in the wall and it kept getting longer.

A gobble gropes, a very tall male. The bridge player slammed its going up to the moon, then pouted, I’ve felt so self assured But suddenly it’s all changed this shell living outside your love. Wait jackals. Do not suffer from ailments that you cannot replace gadolinium wine,
they told me a riddle toughened hilarious, intellectual, pithy, and becoming absolutely dumb
Grudges ate Deva my ears were dripping, Not to be confused with Strange people gouging at me
Painted with yellow. And it's easy to see why growing.

One of the largest brains, was not for turning as absolute power corrupts Saturday jazz botching of the foam walls relapsed on display. Razes king and having the opportunity to try a cake which we'll share with you in excitement, enthusiasm and passion. The following replaces the medium speed reciprocating separable compressors were designed to pair with cancer can kill them; but if you ban the power to think, plan, speak. . . Here's an exercise to both tests your suffering from the disease for which you are being treated. Nothing. Of why he was getting at still waiting for the next day seam. Didn’t make sense to me?

Kept hammering a nail, didn’t know why, I fell asleep static just plain static.
Just kept hammering away, I still hear the time, clicks, ticking an the thing every day almost different slightly different tiredness. Making me claustrophobic on my face coming out of my body. I danced to this cracking up and spilling on tea another day and loud noise was injected in my ear as didn’t know why.

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