25 Jul 2008

City on the Earth going backwards ... a dream...a dead city...

Ambushed travelers arriving home from understanding the past life.

Born of overpopulation, drugs, floor made of compacted earth; the walls were also going backwards.

Harnessing enough energy on earth to do that.
the Master are lovely but it would be nice to see a fresh super threat.

No one knows where life came from this means the front wings can be going down.

A life lesson is that if you don't do certain origins of life because they were quite the reverse.

Which sprang up in the worst enemies are notable exceptions for I couldn't believe the joyful noise.

Black is the light that emphasize the facial or are a frame- work.

Amidst often bass-heavy, pealed to polite vaudeville.

the sane people who are willing to admit that trusting the information given to you by people.

And if we fold, you’ll have no wars are stupid, but the blood they spill is not playing with a full deck.

confuse issues on conduct or right and wrong which IMMATURE AND SILLY STUFF TO MAKE GROWN PEOPLE CHUCKLE.


Robert said...


i admit that i see you primarily as a visual artist

with that said,

i REALLY like your text work lately

Aaron Held said...

Thanks rob, I've been showing my writing here more because i haven't had the time for much visual work. I'm an everythingist :) haha