22 Jul 2008

Anthem 1

Long time ago men of the past
Beat and burned steel and glass;
They made aircrafts to spoil the masses
That were leaning on a fantastic mathematic we call the future.
The future balances it’s parched tongue
On the coldest one till it’s cool
And waits for the meanings of days till it decides
What example to spoon to the vacant
And what color to paint their tombs.

All we declare will be pointed sharply at us.
At one point or another we will come to meet
Our own once triumphant trumpets and have them blown
At our own lone and coughing tongue:
That like some great fish that’s lost it’s course in the blackness of the sea
By some sudden grasp has it’s dignity raped by you or me ;
When it’s flipping and choking at our feet
Only to meet the ultimate promise of it’s sleep.

Men of the past beat and burned their steel and glass
Constructed buildings to accumulate what they lacked ,
And touched heaven’s sides to tickle the palate
Of those that abide below and come to
Draw their pride out in dangerous music.

All we declare is burning in us ,
Forward flaming it will
Burn to define us
Through empty business and
Our friends that bare our danger.
If our friends would only become strangers to the known ,
Only then would
The skyline show it’s secret
And the horizon lift it’s blackened skirt
To welcome us inside, even if it hurts

Declarations edge on the edge of example
Severs ghostly heads among
The smothered and the fed.
They are noted ghosts because what they host during
Their spare time wears it’s other
Face in patterns before it’s dark
And claims their many parts to manufacture
It’s own solid brand.
When the factory is ready , a man’s able hand is one of many
That slaves to make another man’s
envy less heavy .

Declarations among the beating steel and glass
Are waiting for empty hands
Before they are caught and melt into
What the future asks of them .
What future ,
Do I not ask
Broken bones
That do not last
These monuments of steel and glass ?
Do I not ask
Those that do not last , what future is this?
What future ?
What future?
We may all have a drink
When the thirsty mouth of heaven
Opens it’s jaw
To have us sink with all
It’s seas;
Seas that flow and plea
Our limbs not to stay at ease.
Will we only have crisis move us,
While our declarations move
Quietly inside us ;
For some empty preparation and those who will not abide us?
Some will rectify they’re monuments around us
For the sake of honor that hasn’t found us
And thank the dying memorial of our silence.


Jaie said...

drfaustus, i read what you worte on deadbeatpoetry.proboards75.com and i just had to add you. you, sir, have got some classics. Let us have them.

Anonymous said...

welcome drfaustus!

cocaine jesus said...

Welome Doctor F.

drfaustus said...

thanks a lot you guys , it's good to know somebody's reading my work , much appreciated :)