24 Jul 2008

Tom, Ben & Joe.

And what do you suppose would posses a man to change suits before his resignation speech? The shape of the table? The weight of- what was it he had thought of to say? Not to be washed away by the – how the power was like a river – and it would wash them away should they not consider the natural flow, or nature- or something to the like. What a mess , far too metaphysics for the boardroom, far too spiritual. And might he faint next? They'd be sure to laugh, no, they'd curse him out the room. Anyway, his palms were sweating and he'd already moistened the underarms of his shirt. God wouldn't make such a heat! A man wouldn't make such a fuss. Kids smoke, they do drugs too, especially when they're yours. Everything was bothering him, and he needed to shit. Then the door opens and it's those two marketing guys, on a good streak, in a good car – “Fancy meeting you in here, Tom!" “Heeey, Tom Tom, hows it going my man?! Ready for the big...” He puts his finger in his mouth and makes a popping sound.
“Yeah, well err,” Tom replies, washing his hands, then flecking the water into the sink, onto the mirror, so it starts dribbling. “I've been ready since they hired me. Look you guys, none of this lasts – I'll tell you that.”
“whoa, Tom, take it easy, look, we're the good guys remember?! Ben and Joe. Just here to help, besides I hear Sarah's..” Sniff sniff. Sarah must be my daughter or something he thought, and one of them-both of them are probably fucking her, it doesn't get more humiliating than this. He tucks in his shirt without drying his hands. By now one of them is pissing. Joe. “yeah, she's been er hanging around, you know?”
“Get out of my way, jerks!” and then he mumbles out of the restroom. Laughter and jeers, or maybe it's his imagination. The door opens. “ Hey Tom” he looks back, “you left your case, man--- slow down, take it easy, look at me, you done ok, ok? The boss doesn't have to know about Sarah and you get to spend all day at home doing what you like, what is that? Gardening? Spying on the neighbors? Playing chess?? Whatever makes you happy, man.” And Tom bursts into tears, desperately trying to hug the figure of the man, fucking his daughter. “ease up buddy, go to see the counselor ok, get some advice, please!
“No, no, I'm alright, it's- it's just nerves, I just need to get some air thats all, thanks er- sorry.” And he's alone in the corridor.

-The end

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