31 May 2008


push and drive like an angle grinder
i'm on a promise but the promise is late

we'll take the river as the freeways stolen
go to paris when the evening burns

there's no mistake
there's no error
we are here and the here is now

let's go turning down another long avenue
let's make love before they build another wall

the hole i've dug is big and empty
there is no sky nor scent of dawn
just the darkness and my fingernails scraping
nothing left but to scratch these walls
there's no forgiveness just empty paper
no comittment when the comments are frayed
i left my heart in san fransisco
i lost my heart and then got laid

i want your warm flesh
i want your bitter taste
i want someone to hold my hand

look at the church lights now in the distance
see the crutch of that empty grave

this is my eulogy, my fond farewell
here and now when the clouds parade
down on the chalk walk rttle and hum
the empty rhetoric of the angry man.


Robert said...

i really dug the first part...it had that situationist kinda romantic vibe meets Bruce Springsteen thing from around the time he was doing Born To Run

TICTAC said...

i have a hate-love relationship with walls...that form any type of box.

it reads like a novel but it feels like poetry.

cocaine jesus said...

I started out trying to make a short film but sdaly it went wrong. The image below is the first frame from that film that would have featured me, filmed as a reflection in a mirror, reading the words here from the paper in my hand.
Didn't work!
Que Sera.