25 May 2008

The Long Week of Dimensions

Fluid from the stars, outside as essence between planets, an animal chuckling my chest, this nothing photographed as you chew 3:28am. Air lips. Man is heard as parsimony no longer than arrows looking up past the sink's edge of someone in his eyelids.

Wear orgiastic standards beyond evolution's flight into my face. Her suite needs to sonic the butterfly, cold acid before chaos, serenity. Torch metaphysics, how society's technique flies away as lined bicycle muscle sprays peace in your ear.

Brown hips annihilated by lips and teeth bearing the mark of the devil, repetition sources baked, cascading breast-plates. The inner 'we' of television must resin lungs brought to ruminate on the I-Ching when filled with transgression.

Sour heat, a marked ocean once sudden furrows utopia stream into machines too sharp to vagina anymore. Psychedelic grief, prayers for abrogated voices to crush the shadow. Veins can't help but be ignored, a lot of monofilament by forty's ensnared vibrato.

That other Texas, where hints of pain stiletto their volcano, as well as the petty, shallow pools of white denim. A certain capitulation to the thickening magnificence, all material raining massacres, exploding a few soft numbers on the piano's dusk.

Legs linger in the tantalizing other's mouth with last year's impunity lonely for the wrong doors psychotic danger. There's a two-for-one sale on waterfalls, youth as a future mythologized by flaired nostrils pretending to be popular and rich together as smoke deceived by reason.

Educated, sweating, the humdrum is luminous in red's belly, new time keys a loose warbling into your once were. Various shapes lose their innocence in traffic, wrong wings that deserve it, a strange rule over the post-modern panorama.

Drops twisted brass's savagery, carbon-based shots ringing out beneath the belly of this temporary paradise. My vitals stun green, tremendously semiotic oaths of perfume in a minute. Physics breaks all its vows, the work of moonglass, its practice flowers around the slithering convergence of anyway and the public mind that sends you light.

Philosophy is a rigorous form of cinema, one agility hurt by the briskness of disco. Once cradled, the prophet's strength spearheads the wondering why, new cities sculpted in jazz diagonals.

Enable symphonies of escape, swim over discontinuities in vertical sensation's blinding shell of time, and be the impetus to leisures yanked through androgyny. Information organically debating a fascimile on the deck of the Titanic's wide open summer, windows so human they could almost be unwritten.

Balmy origami, then death because they fed us plumbers, sometimes music. Worlds collapsed as fervour shed its molecular clothes at the same time as less energy became manifest in the third avant-garde to digest the smell of Europe.

Candles glowed like structures as stylized as the industry they danced, flesh scribbling at your minimum out, the quarry or the body howling art is the density whispered to megalomania. Keep drumming handsome thrills for us, astronaut.

Ham sandwiches, aftershave thighs, this leap into what is nuclear about kissing our own stereotypes, coupled with two irises creviced by what we seduce, the clock ticks as if the day's stroke of seritonin had been composed by subtracting slippery junkies from events that twirl in virile surveillance clouds.

Welcome to atomic weight and its long week of dimensions, inverted torment flapping as instead eats away at the neighbourhood's final beard of a stentorian 15.


TICTAC said...

Philosophy is a rigorous form of cinema, one agility hurt by the briskness of disco.

i like it!! my personal perception of your words, which might differ from the meaning you gave them, has triggered in my mind a serial of fractal thoughts-images i just like..


Robert said...

"might differ from the meaning you gave them, has triggered in my mind a serial of fractal thoughts-images i just like.."

that's the EXACT meaning i gave them! :D

thank you, TicTac :D

carmen racovitza said...

i would have liked to say something like that in my muffled, echo-less way.....terorb ::>>