23 May 2008

1036 - as it were/was, might well be again.

Bagpipe cds, colloquia distaff chew.
Capsule disgustful diary chair - convictable cerium.
Cuss cathode chivalry; beeline bard corrupt!
Delmarva delegate ashamed circumscribe document curling.
Dodge base derogate doctoral argot bones:
Burglar dubs cuddly counterfeit…


carmen racovitza said...

disgustful bones:
Delmarva chews capsules to make her bones strong

doctoral chair dubs doctoral - cathode
doctoral cuddly colloquia have cerium in all their ears
; = all laugh

document dubs disgustful bones:

Burglar finger's curling
old Dodge

kek-w said...

Ooooh, I love this!