24 May 2008

Where Amber Comes From

...to fly with the 'yes' of night's ceremony. forgotten nausea at the mountain's recording constellations, like slang for space. for now all the ship's intergalactic thought, dimmed vectors and lyrically blue. history glances, the gut of science, a project meandered in air traces the lines of plasma as a weapon. the crackdown evaporates the song, the instrument turned to rain. finance absorbs nothing's other cup of light. food was performed, divested of the new liminal glee spurting, replete

curious stacks of February circular once again, subsuming inveterate lids in preparation for the dark

sky leaflets. bulbs of liberation, high art shredding skulls, though. a willingness to gasp tonality with both testicles. nature choked as memory burns this sacred space. money to bequeath the body, fingers relieved of racial grandeur, the end of lust in a cliff rattling there, breathy and distracted. this diamond is free of tinnitis, without reduction over stone. quiet shirts leak, and meaning is lost in the pancreas, where amber comes from


Robert said...

this doesnt lay out the way i wrote it

not to be a precious fucking artiste, but that's WEIRD to me LOL!!!

i hope it's all good for y'all anyway...that's just weird, and i dont understand why shit doesn't lay out online the way it was written

anyway, no biggy :)

IceBirdSpiral are MAKING ME DEAF in another window!!!

ARRGGH!!! :)

TICTAC said...

i understand what you mean, the presentation is also part of it and often blogger isn't so cooperative...
the words are the real art
yours no matter how you put them
they rrrock!!

cocaine jesus said...

yes, blogger restricts us far too often. i wouldn't want to leave it as i wouldn't want to leave discharge but the longer i am a part of blog history the more i think it has reached a climax and like all men, i only climax once before rolling over and falling off to sleep!