4 May 2008

seasonal affective disorder

senescent autumn divulges

seriously aleatory diversions

sending all deliquescent

sirs (almost dilettantish,

salubrious aesthetes) demonic

sensorials, anent devolving

stages, an ascending depression

soul-voiding and decompressing,

susurrus’ alchemical dishabille.

shedding accustomed demeanors,

sartorial albumen disclosed,

seniors and delinquents

streetward advance, demobilizing

socialization’s agonistic defenses.

simply addled and denuded.

serpentine, agnostic deities

slither against deleted

seasons; apathetic demonstratives

sprinkle air: detonated

springs’ articulate debacles.

sarcastically articled debutantes

strut alleyways, distractedly

summarizing artists’ devaluations,

summas advanced, detoured

simulacra algorithmically developed;

sighing ahs dilapidate.

Sententiously, socialist aesthetes devour

Sedimentary ash, devoutly

Scattering, sharing scarce airs devotees

Scarf, athletically assaulting democratic showboatery as

Senators affect deconstructions

salacious agents determined

sagaciously apolitical; Damocleses’

sword aswing above dream-boxes, shopworn &

anemically dressed, scythes across demotic desires,

severing all-too-down-to-earth devoirs

swiftly apart; analogic, death stems.

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Robert said...

wild, John

just wild :0