4 May 2008

Tv/radio sound

Hey don't know it this has a name but I thought be fun if others helped out and contributed, all you do is record a tv/radio sound while changing the station, getting jumbles of words and sounds, you can then keep it like that or if you can edit the spaces out you can, and we could all post it into this post? so then we can play them all at once if lots wanted to do this, if your interested do it! if not you can listen to mine, i put two together one with spaces one with out:



cocaine jesus said...

i would love to get involved with this as it really is a way forward for all of us on discharge. sadly, i do not have the technology to enable me to do this.
i used to, as a 14 year old, do precisely this with an old grundig tape recorder. I even had, at one stage, three recorders running together. one taping the sounds the other two made and with me palying bongoes over the top. sounded weird!

Aaron Held said...

yeah i was thinking that not enough people have recording devices, i got a microphone real cheap online and a recorder, and a video camera which i take the audio from the video in editing, you got any cameras with mics?

trying to think of other ways maybe cellphones don't know whether you could record sound on it and transfer it online i don't own cellphones so i don't know.

TICTAC said...

very interesting proyect you have in mind, aaron. i am hopless at these arts..one ear disassociates from the other, but i did experiment with my discapacities once, and it was enough...hahaha...maybe you would like to check this out for recording also via normal phone..

Aaron Held said...

cool never heard of that thanks tictac