4 May 2008

Holger Czukay


Aaron Held said...

nice can ;)

TICTAC said...

metal minimalism!

TICTAC said...

Stockhausen's pupil...do you like his music? a sort of zappa gone electronic..

cocaine jesus said...

i haven't heard much of his solo stuff but like can.

Robert said...

it took me two days

but i geddit now

i havent heard his solo work much...the one CD i did manage to catch a few snippets from was really bad, though...when the store owner told me who it was, i was shocked...bad New Agey electronic stuff...probably only decent when youre high on weed

where's a good place to start, i wonder, TicTac?

TICTAC said...

too many genres and
sub-genres to choose from..

the real electronic is not techno invaded as the majority produced now. daft punk or the experimental catwalk electronic of matteo ceccarini are, for instance, good examples. personally is not my daily genre.

all these people are in myspace. including czukay, actually the choice played there is not bad.