8 Mar 2008

bottom wet ones

repetitive symmetry / the potential butterfly / juicy grub / fish fingers and chips / and unforgettable sauce / red sugar and police sirens / crying for the rocks / to be smashed against / to be visceral mush / and pigs too / poking out my eye and puking up limbs / infection / inception / spawn / embryonic lusts and deckchairs soaked through with post menstrual vaginal juice / concentrate / undiluted by ice-cream / the pier frottage's a leather clad ocean / a tree with flares and sex organs that delve into the pubic earth / into lost surfaces and prostitutional bad spellunk / and hope you forgive / and forget that little piece of past you kept for yourself / in boxes / in frames / in the stig of the dump crevices and devices of quafferred(sick) arse hair // ///// /// and on the subject of witch.... Arse Wipe the Mundane was a great english king....

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