8 Mar 2008

Full circle

The following notes have been compressed to follow a linear structure denied by Jaie's paper's in hopes of giving the reader further peace of mind in the war torn existence of us all:

Jaie: My next poem was called Jehovah has guns, he shot down Shiva. But what I found, was that not only was I not beating my cacophony enough, in ritual time. Fusing elements from the shapes in the dark to circumvent the blue, held more meaning within the lodges of pretext. And valuable time was wasted channeling echoes from the Pentium. The atmosphere expelled a full stop, mid galaxy. If we we're to somehow retrieve the information within the dynamics of a snare drum played live in Amsterdam, the message in relationship to the void would be a part of the transfusing of time relapsing to encounter the tableaux. You could claim to play the nocturnal and at least to the first three bars you would bear resemblance to the first or fourth treaty signed in peace agreements pressured by the UN. You could point to five stars and compress them into one, but you would find the location unfit for a massacre. So my suggestions return to reflecting the equation as anyone's guess is as good as mine has been for centuries since. When they retrieved the bird, symbolically she had flown into our hearts to a physiological extent. I question the birth of the spider, grandmother or otherwise. So Jehovah has guns, way before Krishna lifted the hill, this is highly atomic, they are strictly platonic, although they have been seen leaving to get her, chased by the paparazzi. Jehovah hates gays. End of story.

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cocaine jesus said...

Jehovah has guns.
Jehovah hates gays.
damn this is good. i think it is more a case that Jehovah doesn't give a shit but man, who creates gods rules, does. but then again man hates anything that doesn't meet or conform to its exacting strictures.