8 Mar 2008


siblings / smoke rings / an offer of friendship on a glowing blue keyboard / keys clagged with dried and largely dead spermatozoa / man + internet = porn / pink and abused / crucifucked / nailed by and large / a little soft moaning to illustrate a presence / bird song greases the sun / the inflatable appendages / the drunkards return / guttural sunrises bleeding through nicotine stained blinds / maybe the linen will civilise me / iron out bulbosity and the other words I have to force upon microsoft word / poor thing / poor cow / the iron despot almost dead / bagsy me to sodomize her corpse / in cool green light / on clinical slabs of steel / bearskinned hospital porters / fag ash voyeurs / her and blair's lovechild feigning loss / a panzer incursion / limp blitzkrieg / the nihilist expeditionary force doesn't bother to go and finds a nice haystack...

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