11 Jan 2008

In passion evapourating

the solid keeps evapourating
clouds contain pieces
broken disharmonic
contagious crap without thesis
etherreal ever real transverse
diety suicide logic
laid foundation condem
comended does of overtones
swept idly
numb searching
dumb founding
compound pleasure
compressed sex
obsessed stress
streched less etchings
existence as tested
excerpts into hopelessness
that foul song he sings
venomous i know it hurts him
like killing that goat
f.ukin goat
but thats besides
remaining in future
for truth lurks there
truth so ugly
it has twelve faces divided
and hidden
reflect sections sonic
tounges around scum some question
leaps from within damn that goat
some say it had to die
this wasnt supposed to be about that goat
my occupation was never to be a goat
sat swirling
they had the right ideas
that song is stuck and it will take a nation of millions
to dislodge those darts
i aimed for the spine of time
took too long to capture
the captain sailing the ship that never was
close enough to tempt
me to trample oppurtunity
absailing the back of her blasphemy
she cursed the man on the railway
that was god-i watched her tounge ignight
indigo night-green flame-
she inhaled dispair
two pairs-i swear spitting-this is slow motion
i watch it ignight-in di go night
reaching for blessed sacraments
the water turns to acid
and her skin melts.....

its contagious and hardly contained
just etched gently to get her
together with her legs crossed
flames thrown in arrival-spiral dance
her eyes slay men-they slay for her
men lay slain-none to blame
i watch her twist
rings of emotion on both fingers
reflecting the moon light
she could take flight on a promise
from a stranger
that it was coming together
it was coming to get her
and i'd watch
it come back
she just sends it further
it comes back faster
he wants to nurture her
centre of the sun desterts her
shes sat desolate
desperate gasping
the book told her
not to grasp
graples steal
rocks the skyscraper sways sideways
ignore saturn
satin shirt soaked in
interwoven grown twins gaining momentum
moments collateral
combatants colllapse interpersonal
interpretation takes a turn twice we learned
near here..erie i say slain
gathering the temptation to rip from her passing
tear her flesh
blasting arsenic
both at her and her shadow grows
sweat gaining momentum
shes often seen without shadow
her counterpart
a spirit lost-chanting into a strange bag
exhaling cozmic serpents
sent in to do battle
cages in her
creatures crawling
obtuse angles she demands
the sky breaks
those pieces shatter
together we wait
her boundry forever
step to her
this wasnt about her
rather about her
abort her i shout
rather late then never
rather safe than sorry
watch her sliver
sweet excellence
discrete transmutation
excretions, damnations
selected-turns for the worse
shes coming closer
midnight vulture
might hold her
closer to stop the screams
its imminent
in moments
eminating from the source that was
radient raining some song
that was sung to capture
some son
soon swung sulphur
burns the retreat
tears of passion
purest forms.....


Lazare said...


do you rap?
it looks bitchy written down, but it would be foxier in sound...

that would be the next step - discharge spoken word/songs, but fuck, murmurists have already taken the lead!

dischargers as pack of wolves howling a UFO serenade to Hecate... hybris involved.
keep it silent, in secrecy, sottovoce _

but keep it coming.
slides down nicely, this shit...

Lazare said...

or, god forbid, discharge t.v.!

Inconsequential said...

The Murmurists already do the TV bit...kinda :)

Lazare said...

yeah, you're right...they done all!

cocaine jesus said...

discharge tv? i want to be the presenter. junior can do the weather. lazare can do sport and inc can be the political editor!

cocaine jesus said...

ps. fucking excellent words these jaie.

Jaie said...

Yeah i rap. You guys got me amped.

Thanks all.

Robert said...

i could totally see your words going with something like Prefuse 73

experimental turntablism with mad trippy-hip-hop-surrealo-lyricism