11 Jan 2008

(machines carve up the next bite)

in perpetuum present i lay here in eternal lies
aquamarine stakes traverse my bones deep blue
my breathing plastic covering holes encrusted jewels under my skin
resin face my face, as if women become resin polished as to become a mirror
inviting them to inhuman roar in the midst of turmoil fantasmatics
ivy filaments needle themselves increasingly growing claws i fall prey to
inside the circle of ash Anna Shaw i chew the first piece of flesh
rostrum camera slowly murdering me swollen
feed me my excretions as i fade
razors rising to sculpt the next bite surgical chrysalis
my face like a mirror polished resin to become
I was here in this eternal lie through my bones
my breathing holes in the plastic cover encrusted jewelry under my skin
me in the face like women in confusion - polished resinify like a game to me
needle-like slowly swelling assassination
I am in the process of my nursery sculpture following surgery conducted bites
I lie here in this perpetuum aquamarine streams pass my bones
breathing plastic covering subcutaneous pits
call on inhumanity with the roar avid turmoil
my face of the resin becomes a mirror
Ivy Filaments such as needles growing tentacles I hold prey
Inside the circle from the ashes as I used the first tranche of meat
I am here lies in eternal lies phoenix ashes
I invite increasingly inhuman insides conducted for machines
ray presence permanent here, I am forever a lie
my bone breathing holes in the plastic cover encrusted jewelry under my skin
resin face me in the face, as if women do as mirror polished resin
invite them in the chaos of inhuman roar
Ivy filaments needle tab myself growing increasingly become victims
Anna ash inside the circle of my first show works chew meat
slowly swelling and killed rostrum camera
my diet as I fade
sculptor razor rise in the next bite pupal surgery
me in the face like a mirror
I have here in my bones through this eternal lie
my breathing hole in the plastic cover under one's skin encrusted jewels
needles slowly slender assassination
I was in the process of my nursery operation was conducted following sculpture bites
I lie here in my path to this stream permanent bone aquamarine
cover plastic breathing pits subcutaneous
call for cruelty and confusion enthusiastic roar
I face in the mirror, resinify
Needle-like filaments growing I hold Ivy game
circle used inside, first ashes as meat
rostrum camera slowly swollen
I am here to lie forever in the ash lies Phoenix
I invite inner machines increasingly inhumane
sculpture cipher rise to the next bite


Robert said...

this grabbed me right from the start and held me there

a wild ride!

Jaie said...

i am most pleased.


Lazare said...


Robert said...

the things you do with the repetition make it all even more hallucinatory and it's interesting to see what new imagery arises from new juxtapositions

coffeed up here :D