11 Jan 2008

χιλια χρονια

Bloody and deceitful men (ps. 5:06), a goat (ps. 10:2-4), and people's land (ps. 10:18), and the strong man (ps. 52:1), and the enemy (ps. 55: 3), the enemy (ps. 74:8-10), and director of many countries (ps. 111:6), and violent men (ps. 140:1), Assyria (isa. 10:5-12), the king of Babylon (isa. 14:02), the morning sun (isa. 14:12), destruction (16:4-5 isa.; Jerry). 6:26), nails (isa. 22:25), that terrible Basin (isa. 25:5), and the wicked desecration of the prince of Israel (ezek. 21:25-27), and a small phone (7 City daenhapnida 8 minutes), Prince start (dan. 9:26), the meanest person (dan. 11:21), deliberately wages (dan. 11:36), the idol of the shepherd (zech. 1116 -- 17), the human sin (2 thess. 2:03), the son of hell (2 thess. 2:03), Smokers 1 (2 thess. 2:08), jeokgeuriseudoyo (1 John 2:22 ), the owner of the endless pit (reverend 9:11), 'The Beast' (a pastor 11:07; 13:1). Eulyi added. Suit: That one comes in his name (John 5:43), a fierce scramble King (dan. 8:23), and hatred destroy things (matt. 24:15), desolator (9:27 dan. ).
Η λεξη "Αντιχριστου" μεταφραζεται απο το συνδυασμο των δυο αρχαιες ελληνικες λεξεις αντι + ( '+ αντι), το οποιο μπορει να σημαινει anti "προσωπο" (απο) ειναι "αντιθετο του Χριστου", ο αγωνας "ως" (αν) "messiah" "στη θεση του Χριστου" η ενα υποκαταστατο του Θεου. Α "Αντιχριστου" να ειναι αντιθετος με ο Χριστος με την προσπαθεια της να βρισκεται στην θεση του Χριστου.


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yes yes yes yes yes yes...hahaha

cocaine jesus said...

hoooo boy. dodgy stuff. must not be rude about religion.

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oh, no, not at all, cocaine jesus.
no disrespect should be inferred.

by the way, thanks for your exclamations, guys.

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sweet like the special characters