3 Dec 2008

the world is a tragedy

the world is a tragedy in three shapes specifically, amongst roses destruction amongst peace disaster. without dreams an emergency happening multi region , bi ligual distant and casual towards suffering. impeach the voiceless. murder the begginer in your heartbeat. volenteer pain through teardrops. loose paitence in immortality. condense freedom through warfare, steal justice and sell lucifer. to each child may he one day dream of his childhood. alien bodies together , armoured by blood. always blood always the stars always the imperial. yes. right on for the darkness yes. right on for the darkness before hand . the chalise is queen tommorow and the nightmare a butterfly without wings stinging neglect, breaking tommorow into portions of sour cowardice. before the wind fell a likeness to pain, growing seventeen times an hour by the day, when in space, most of all. yes sir officer sir, no sir overseer ma'am i dont want your tatoo today, i urge you all to simplify the reach of a biblical abyss, i claim you all only ghosts and the smell of you trading places when in case the massacre touches the fortress I know I know. too little too late, or slightly random I am upset you see. skin crack houses indifferent to the bassline. music charmed by profits into prostitution, what little i know when facing a 9mm greeting the floor in our dance when you send in the candid law offical. I am sweet talking synthesizers and an army of deserts dry enough to yearn further away than my skeletal humor, ---------------the world is a tragedy.

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