3 Dec 2008


resolute exphixiation, your spirit shoots murcury through insanity and buries the garden ritual proccess occuring needless instincts when in spiders difference and saturns roped insisions. I am glowing and you instead also. without wings our children climb the pendulum and retrive maddness signed by the devils who advertise lust and grasp mannically at the only sun to speak this morning. when i arrived i am always arriving late. i am hospitalized by poetry in my mouth a small amount of condensation is worth a lot when it goes towards the blood bank in my hard drive. driven without caution to the dustbin where the contract is denied due to blood pressure and highly addictive poisons radiating our mist between battle. real talk. i awoke insane. i miss her badly and when i go to sleep tonight it will be because i broke the silence that was previously sliced into arcane forms of magic like dance . yes. like spinnig, like ejoying the world for what she is. but thats not all because the music was itself none other than a conspiracy to evacuate religion leaving wounds untied for forever to fantasize about when i had found myself unearthed, what lies on my breath is the truth about vomit and when that runs out i'll remind myslef her name bled through pores that began at first to snatch the relative stampede of solitude before meditation broke the lock and entered gas masks. I am none of the above. before the coccoon of injustice serves another blow below the equator always in muddy waters , i find a handshake and am stamped, branded, breached. i found an idea and the page as a chisel . vocalized mundane redemption.

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kek-w said...

"the page as a chisel" - I like that!