6 Jun 2008

postVerbal the gap

abject the apocalyptic 0

fantastic depends on the unconscious rhythm of intervals by 2

aesthetic ethics as the future will remain erased without 0

abject despairing subject resides outside the normalizing terms of desiring lines of flight 1

the gap becomes fully visible when it has been superseded by a new text as the 0

the space of the abject remains excluded from dominant modes of production and exchanges as fetish by 2

the persistence of industrial memory yearns for a world of engines ciphered into 0

analogous to the notion of erasure while this space remains repressed in relation to the symbolic order of 1

writing is humanized by the ravages of the temporal and the spatial 0

point to aspects of the abject through ideological representation like 2

we must understand cynical abuse of power on its dark side through 0

evoke a improper or inappropriate pleasure with 2

invert by reversing the rehearsal 0

threaten dangerous objects as 1

outlined as non-being the 0

dazzling with black invisibility over-timed 2

the world of language noise and desire is one of lack insecurity as 0

interruption struggle passes flight 1

disguises ploys in birth 0

embarrassed shrieks then rise 2

formless terror becomes


{Lee Kwo & jaan}


Jaie said...

this might be it. i mean. one of the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jaie!

kek-w said...

That's really excellent, Jaan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks KEK, glad you like it!!!