6 Jun 2008

Neptune::craze::in your eyes

Religion is stained forty suns: and bleached: as a radius collides: Any blue in your eye is a revolution storm: strung with excess fabric: Swaying in the wind: like Odin as himself:hanging: You inject sound into pure speed: as a dialog: with the mind of god::And the sky calls::and the mind of God::


All numbers enter a DNA strand:: Stranded: opposites are passed across the table:: in detail:: Hands that feed from time::The square: Root of honesty:: Stenciled at 33 degrees// Exhale sport:: But who's winning?

+who's ghost is this in my cereal_ Naked at 2 o'clock. Time follows me home::and I'm struck by sound::on it's own:: The sky is a myth::but your blue eyes::dance::like blue flames::Liberty_Each footstep is stranded and the rain::square::roots your dance; neutral instruments: to build a soul:: in time: with a view of the moon: Madness exhumed and became a new craze/ with a kiss from Neptune. You literally brought Saturn close to tears::which would have flooded a galaxy and brought gold to the surface::and blinded the sun.

I am
::::::::::::::::::Of light
...Fading on itself.

I fought the night, once. But he looms in every, each retaliation;
Reflect time from balance, into the calm of my hand:: that plays gently on keys:: in black and white: Underground, an emerald Lake, still as meditation: An aura that compliments the horizon, in the chord of G. Chased down mythical staircases, continuously, every evening_Electricity in human form::12 wings burst from a plane of existence. Prayers breathe in like the tied: an onslaught of contradiction.

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