15 May 2008

Hollermen P Feather

Hollermen P Feather did not write in the style of Haruki Murakami although he liked the man's obvious ability to create poetical almost surreal works of fiction.
Hollermen P Feather did not paint in the way of Sigmar Polke even though he greatly admired him and noted him as an artist.
The only influence Hollermen P Feather would readily admit to was the chicken he kept on the end of his fob chain that he let sit in his waistcoat pocket and would allow out on easter friday's.

Hollermen P Feather called the chicken Eggfrom.

"Your absurdist wit will be the death of me." said Hollermen P Feather.

The chicken didn't crack a smile and didn't appreciate pureile witticisms about 'what a good yoke.

He had read Baudelaire. He knew his onions.

But then again, he was one good looking chicken.


TICTAC said...


the word chicken brought to my mind the amazing noir tale you wrote about a chicken, the wolves and a grandfather...so beautifully written.
i forgot the title but i still remember the feeling.

cocaine jesus said...

yes, i remember it.