15 May 2008




cocaine jesus said...

you are more inventive than a mexican selling ice cream in a sand storm but then again, you know all there is to know about mexicanS!!

Aaron Held said...

spectacular masterpiece

TICTAC said...

si si......!ay chihuahua, cuánto apache, y cuánto indio sin huarache!

TICTAC said...

muy amable, gracias aaron!!

cocaine jesus said...

i haven't the faintest idea what was said then but it sure sounds sexy even if it is you saying bake my foot like pasta.

Robert said...

this is incredible!


rock the fucking house!

(CJ, youre killing me!!!) :D

TICTAC said...

!ay chihuahua, how many apaches, and how many indians without huaraches! (mex.running sandals)

an old expression of surprise, also used as an euphemism..
only !ay chihuahua! is normally used.

TICTAC said...

robert, thank you!

you do rock the house with a beat we can't miss!!