1 Apr 2008


Technology for the diagnosis and treatment has been used, and procedures such as animal model transgastric (second) is a device to remove them. Transvesically recent claims, some might be more suited to enter transcolonic abdomen, are more difficult, often transgastric structural approach, and [3] [4] [5] is the order of the group transgastric Portugal to improve the efficiency of the approach to recruitment, and the bladder, through a very complex process, combined with cholecystectomy [6]. It is pointed out ™, originally known as the flora and fauna jonzuhopukinsu University and the University (Dr. Anthony kalloo them), as well as India, recently, the use of human transgastric times appendicectomy (contract Laos. Wife and gv German). June 25, 2007 swanstrom colleagues reported the first human transgastric cholecystectomy. ([1])

See vagina, safety and clinical application ™ repeat. ™ research team, as early as March 2007, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a preventive measure, under the guidance of Dr. Ricardo cholecystectomy zorron ™ injection concerts, a series of four patients in the past based on the demonstration study. Doctor, the country's economic transition from marescaux countries - I r ca dstra ssbourg, France, the performances (of course), the first pure bond ™ cholecystectomy in April 2007 in patients with needles Use is the first and only Dutch port abdomen. To reduce the potential for complications, proceedings, but hundreds of women only.

This research supports the revolution is that it can determine the areas of technology today, to minimize invasive abdominal surgery to remove part of the please. ™ is the next big leap in surgery, laparoscopic examination of the twentieth century, the 1980s and 1990s, a major shift. Potential benefits for low-income people who anesthesia; shorter hospitalization, and early rehabilitation; wound infection has passed, eliminate the possibility of complications (for example:); immunosuppressive diaphragmantic improve lung function and reduce the after surgery , it is possible: "No scar" is a hands open. In relation to the advantages of this technology is a response to criticism of safe and effective alternatives that it is a woman, such as minimally invasive surgery in the face.

Unlike laparoscopic, and the treatment of injured people, and most of the academic institutions around the country recognized as fashion is the host country Notes ™, several universities. The overall impression ™ is the first derivitive border infiltration, and the latest technology to accept the lowest surgery. Today's operation is a non-invasive - The Ministry of Railways, at least o wships credit obesity is the best opportunity to offer this new column

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