1 Apr 2008


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Technology has been used for diagnosis and treatment of the same animal model, and (2) of this procedure, a transgastric removal. Transvesically recent claim, which would be more suitable for entry transcolonic abdomen, are more difficult, often transgastric structural approach, and [3] [4] [5] is an approach for Brazil transgastric team hired to improve efficiency, coupled with the bladder through a very complex process, cholecystectomy [6]. ™ pointed out that the names of plants and animals, known former jonzuhopukinsu colleges and universities (they kalloo Dr. Anthony), as well as India, transgastric recent times, the use of human appendicectomy . June 25, 2007, the first human colleagues said transgastric swanstrom cholecystectomy. ([1])

Signal quality, safety and clinical application repeat ™. ™ research team as soon as possible years, 3 months, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a preventive measure, under the leadership of Dr. cholecystectomy ™ injection Ricardo zorron concerts, a series of protests in the past patients of the four research terminology. Doctors and the country's economic transition countries marescaux - I was in California Al d stras sbourg, France, the show (of course), the first pure bond cholecystectomy ™, the first in April 2007 is the only needle the patient's abdomen to use the Dutch port. To reduce the potential for complications, procedures, but hundreds of women - only.

This is a revolution based on the study of the region's technical support. Today is the case in order to minimize invasive abdominal surgery to remove part please. ™ is the next big leap in the 20th century examination of laparoscopic surgery, age 80 and the massive movement of the 1990s. Low - income people, the potential benefit of anesthesia; shorter hospitalization and rehabilitation in early; complications, eliminates the possibility of wound infection (for example:); d iaphragmantic immunosuppression can be reduced ability to improve The operation is to make the lung. Dwieul replied: "No, scars." Open hand. This technique is a safe and effective alternative to the benefits associated with the response to a woman in the face of criticism, as a minimum through surgery.

Unlike laparoscopic, and the process, and a large part of academic institutions throughout the country, the host country, notes ™, and several universities. The general impression is the first time derivitive ™ border infiltration of the latest technology and to accept the lowest surgery. Today is not working - aggression - the rail, Oh, at least obesity is a new credit ws hips column provides a golden opportunity.

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