28 Mar 2008

A story:

i was kidnapped during a webcam interview:
they uploaded my location: hacked in:
and mind framed me: I was hard drived
to some softwarehouse.
with a folder over my head:
they tried to programme me: and inject me with a virus:
I had to minimize my size and capitalize my everyword::
The said you USED the messenger:
I said I was no PDF file: but they didn't believe me::

I was hung from a JPEG, just then I heard a crash:
was i about to be saved?! I hoped somebody would RAM through the doors
I kept trying to Gigabyte my way through the ropes, but they were tied too tight:
i could smell the spread sheet
thats my micrsoft word:
They kept saying 'there's no escape, there's no escape:'

'Don't you try and shift': They were ready to insert
'don't start' I shouted 'dont start: i'll never server you '

Please wait :::::::::::::%:::::::::::::::::

this gave me some time::
I needed to gain Ctrl Alt Delete
so I could grab the keys to my F1
I needed help real bad - - - - - -


I started to enter a state of panic


I needed to explorer my options!!!

All I could think of was I don't wanna be a media player no more!!


Then I got stung by a USB
where am I? I thought....
They had transfered my data overseas: I knew it::

If I could some how attach


I looked desperatly for a new window:
I had heard that the FBI were monitering this site:
I had had just about enough hits
you should have seen it::
it was AMAZON;;


that when I heard the voice say FREEZE FRAME
we've got youtube surrounded
It was my friends from myspace:::
led by TOM ::
he typed in the html code
and broke me out quicktime!!

when i get some more memory
I'll tell you another story.