28 Mar 2008

how i pick my scabs

I shook his hand holding it firmly / the body fell away / maps of found pornography / archaic sex sites / broken flesh / exhaustion / evaporating sweat / odour / the eyeballs smell it before the nose / fresh reds and whites / bone poking through / through the screen / skin / dry and cracked like leaves in corners of autumn stone / a silhouette of ghandi sits in the white yolk of a red flag / wearing mickey mouse ears and advising hollywood on the benefits of coprophagia and cesspool jacuzzis / valedictory glances / arms / hands held in hands / bodies fallen away / a pretty nihilist is blown into existence / hush hish smoke / she betty pages it upon a straw bail escalator / rusty / discarded with other machinery / in a broken field of unkempt reams a starlet upon absorbent / soaked / encrusted sofa in a blank room of veins / blood corsicas in fake mediterranean sunlight / diamonique blue sea and shopping channel functions as one digitless hand groping for touch sensations / rubbing nubs on gaping anal blooms and the predestination of an unwritten csi script / follicles / skin flakes / dna / all liars / corporeal betrayers of the conscious / even that which escapes you catches your finger as you stick a paper clutching hand / chamberlains’ / into the porcelain bowl / the sweet corn ship leaving a sticky brown mark upon bodies that fade away / only hands remain to grope / palms sweaty like a grapist in a grocers…

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david santos said...

Thanks for your posting and have a good weekend.

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