1 Mar 2008

{shreds of a suppressed id cathaxis scrapbook}

We seek, oriented. The total lack of responsibility. The crow was a mistake, too, wonders. Wandering through the room. Cheap wooden panels. After counciousness insufficient. Stained floor of the sperm over the rotating mechanism for the ink down. Shits to. Ninety percent of the time lost to the ectoplasm charicature raping the maid. Fully electric sparks through the reduction thrown dirty white face. Underdevelopement of their strengths. You, not the genitals. Milk and cookies. Happened? We wound the race. Virgin pertenence little notification. Foreign under the knife. Overflooded blood to the ear noise burrow. Omit the intracraneal void. Electrocution, homey. Poetic tension. Hymenoptera flight ultraviolence. You are talking to me. Leave a step. Her visual. Mouth to mouth. The needle hits the brain. We locate the child. Biunji took too long, you know? The glory of Christ. Life is settled. Their flesh. Where is the initiation ceremony, more than 10 of the past tense of important issues belligerance. Where is the middle of the night to burn the woods. A hard-core attitude. Parts / all. Stars realize radiation. Mindfucking metallic rhythm machines overnight. It is not finished. We stalkers. Electricity plateau. Forging of fear or loathing. Stained fingers to shrink. Namgimeopyi memory traces. For the time being, and so you died. Open attention to the vertical split. Blinfolded the phychic his first surgeon to perform the removal of the tumor. Where is my mother crying. Surveillance for public masturbation. We brands. Pets delicate scream. Ocular shooting of crows. They bury the girls in the sand. They dump her. The crow bite nails. Is a beautiful thing. We get sick. Go to the home page of their ways. Reinforcing their skin like a wolf. Ribeteu by the scent of blood. 500 souls will haunt you. White is surrounded by the devil. Our niche pink squirts all over his face. We are the destroyers solitude. Sikeoseu in the name of the joy of the law. Under the murder of the summer constellations. Falls in southern comets endless. Through the eyes of the two wings of your paint. The unfortunate bird. We will never leave you. The truck will stop at the side of the road. I say we expect deodeumeot. Damjeup black. Saturn, the planet by the cover-up. The smell of a body. Below the cliff, you can destroy the search. The first oteulhapnida burns. Cigarrette burns armpit, in the palm of your hand, on your inner thigh. The proliferation of servers in the leg to give up the addiction. Required to crow pictures of the remains. It is now playing with you, doctor. To perform their work for the passage of more than a necrophiliac. It looks great too. The waves at the peak of pleasure irradiate all the more brightly. For a broken skull-shaped curve wrench. We take our arms to you. Enhanced hole in the ground. Depending on the darkness of your seeking. White milk arm reach, stretch and discrete finger amethist. One by one, the thickness of the dada invisible. You count'em. The bloody fate. The wires are connected to the spine. We have convulsions and a successful track the physical measurements. We could hear laughter? We spoons - feeding. Remove the psychic heart. The slices of liver cancer. Bring them to us with a prostitute. The wound is the perfect display. We chop, throwing chunks of your gaehapnida. 'Because you are not worthy feces. Your victory and the joy of their glossy appearance of the face. We do not speak. Scream in the eyes sibille admirer. We have to forget. Cut your arm, we are now your own blood. Embrace the intestines. Trans aesthetics. We caress the gag. We loop the highway, spacers. Spectre moderne. Technicolor swamp. Afterlack. Unrestricted ink mechanisms are more than sperm-stained floor. Fact. It is a long-lost raping maid. Throw electric poles over a spare white face maculate perfect. Is a strength. Rabat scars. Tiny reminder undisclosed. Knives of foreign origin. Noise pierced ears through blood. Having won zero. Electric shocks, poetic strains. Talking to me. Leave your clothes at the door. It is visual. We look for you away for a very long time. Secularism of the land. Is the owner of meat. Let ritual begin, more than the past tense precious teenage issues. Let the forest burn in the night. Very blatant posturing. Parts unknown. Awaken to radiation stars pulse machine. It is not over. We Stalkers. Electric Heights. Murmurs in fear or hatred. Fingers stained shrinking. Leaving no trace of memory. For the time being you are dead. Split open nerves longitudinally. The surgeon is performing his first tumor removal. Let mothers crying, imagine their descendants to torture. Masturbation monitoring of the masses minute scream, ride'em. Crow shooting eyeball in the eye. It is a girl buried in the sand. This is something beautiful. We got sick. Taken on their way back to their homes. Wolves were tearing the skin. Is the smell of blood. Five hundred lives is a concern for you. White surrounded by demons. Rosy construction fountains all have more of the faces. We single destroyers. Seeking comfort in the name of the law. Killed under asterisk summer. Located south of the comet, not finite. Painting two wards over your eyes. Birds of misfortune. We will never leave. Truck stopped on the side of the road. We Stutter anticipation. Dark yellow. Earth eclipsed by Saturn. Dogs can smell your body. I was looking down the slopes in vain. First burning clothing, in the comfort of your hands, inside you. Legs spread of the service of the abandonment of poisoning. Rook takes picture of the remains. It is the doctors who would play with you now. On the ruins of the performance of their mission. You look so wonderful. Everything shines more brightly as ecstasy waves root of the comfort stations. Broken curve of the skull against Spanner. Will keep you in our arms. Elevated from a hole in the ground. Besides find your way in the dark. Milk white arm stretched fingers despite the pressures and separate one after the other, access to the thickness of the invisible. You are fucking reality. These wires linked to the backbone. We track just get cramps and an insatiable standards body. Can you hear us laugh? Fattuh remove the heart. Liver is the segments. Prostitute us back to the steering wheel. Ideally wound exhibited. We will object to you, throw your pieces to the dogs. 'Cos you do not deserve the curse. Their faces record joy at your triumphant appearance. You can not address the threat. We are not you. The blindfolded worshippers scream in and we will not forget you. We spare your Cranks, and enable you to Lick yourself. Embrace viscera. Aesthetic comatose state. Gag on our Pets. Walking between shots. Wood panel prices low. Because tribes. Ink mechanism, it is an unlimited number of sperm, or the dirty floor. In fact. This is a long-lost additional electricity and telephone Poles at least perfect white sparks, dirty face. Such strength, you are writing? We wound small speechless. Kalhapnida foreign sources. Ear piercing noise through the blood. Won 0. Electric shock, it paid. Poetic species. I said to them. Clothing left outside. This is visual. His mouth in the mouth. They left a very long time, you know? And i before they, the youth problem in the past tense, even more useful. At night, they changed in the bush. Very clear, constitutes some base. Kkaewoteoyo- the effects of radiation. Pulse machine metal tight. This is not over. Electricity consumption peaks. Fear and hatred of noise. Reduce fingers. I remember that there are signs left. You may be dead for the foreseeable future. Vertical Separation attitude of openness. He is the first surgeon to perform. And his mother, crying, imagine the torture and their descendants. The monitoring of public masturbation. We are your brand. Pet scream minutes. Eye eye shooting. This is a woman, she is buried in the sand. Dump, please. Bite nails. These things are beautiful. We get sick. They return to a live-wire. Wolf, tearing skin. The smell of blood. About 500 people were killed. Surrounded by the white devil. Beautiful fountain construction, it added a face. One of our destroyers. The law in the name of comfort. Starting after the summer vacation. South of the comet, rather than limited. Ward 2 picture above. New suffering. Leave. Truck stop on the highway side. We look forward to the stammer. Dark yellow smell of rum on the body. I was, looking down the slope. First burning clothing. Armpits and hand cigarette burns enough to live comfortably, and the inside of the thigh. Abandon the spread of addiction services. Photographs of Luke p. I can play it. In the ruins of the performance of his mission. It's incredible. Shine more light, all in the fundamental wave in the peak level of comfort stations by. On the contrary skull fracture. You are our weapons to maintain. Strengthening than a big hole in the ground. Inzadaku suhap find another way. White milk - sell your fingers, even a year after independence, and other pressures, access to the transparent. You diverge in the real sexual intercourse. Access to spasm, it is just greed, and we are tracking him. Organization for Standardization. We have heard the laughter. Suit? - the Federal Reserve Bank of suits. Recall your heart. Part of the liver. We have returned to the steering wheel whore. Ideal display wound. Our goal is to work your gaehapnida. 'Central eligibility is not required. Their facial appearance to record the joy of victory. If you cope with this kind of threat. We are you. Worship and screaming covered, we will not forget, please. In doing so, we must be extra loud. Inherently acceptable. Aesthetic oppression.


Robert said...

a jammy for the muthafuckin' ages!!!!!

props, Lazare!!!

Robert said...

and Lazare THIS is the baby i want for The StarFish!


*looks up at you all doe-eyed*

Lazare said...

thanks a lot, rob.

perfect, take whatever you want for the starfish. this one would do fine, i agree. i'll be honoured to appear. just copy and paste!