2 Mar 2008


I don't know more how to split thoughts into three fathomable spheres and rotate the tears that fill them before the space they absorb becomes a vacuum. The snakes drown in equilibrium. They slither in refuge. You refuse to listen. Usually immersed in distance. Then, time lies in front of you. Her tongue, unfortunate, riddles solidity, listed as somber. Ignorance whispers. You capture the vision on camcorder, upload your intuition, and equate full screen liaisons with symbolic reference to the night. Dismay enters a capsule, limiting phlegm. Resorting to breach rapprochements. I'm thrown from the edge of things into the centre of the clock, outside time. You linger the perimeter of sanity when the music starts unfolding. Compact despair sounds muffled to the amplified currency that rings like age. If reminded you choke. Changes echo when the frozen referendum snaps_ The pendulum frustrates an eternal channeling backwards. Chi, to redeem the fabric of death. That wish bone. Fractures comb through, fumbling deliverance. Habitual longevity. In sense, the mind may know. Recall a tone unlocked. Two keys stroke the old lady. Her hair in line with death, telling a riddle. One swan. Ropes intertwined, anchor a chorus. Constructed features follow shrapnel to destination. Impact ensures an imminent rendition. Wonder roams blissfully, leaving the sky inspired. Wonder reflects time wasters, and they taste indigo_ perplexed symmetry. They are an inverted triangle. They are sex, ignited on the down force of pigeons. They are prominent scenarios replayed in used store rooms. Between soul mates carrying fermented linguistics, underground. Reframed I claimed a parable, evacuated. Ovulated indents retract, as some sort of translation. Two or more thoughts. My rage into eyes. Read each word. Barriers tied to imagination. Hands on my chest, you remark like parted fantasies. Embark like myths, carrying embargos of hope into digital enhancement. You inhale pressure to the left.


Robert said...

now Jaie enters the fray!

cocaine jesus said...

jaie has this odd ability to bend my mind the way of his words.
head and thought provoking stuff. such a rich imagination.