12 Mar 2008


Your children will never know the tender ecstasies of love, they will only know hate. They will hate each other, themselves, and--most virulently of all--you, for giving them life. They will joyously and spontaneously develop strange new diseases, as well as more insidious ways of spreading them. They will only stay in school long enough to become addicted to powerful, mind-altering drugs, although by adolescence most will be thoroughly versed in the arts of murder and sexual torture. They will kill and maim people of all races, nationalities and religious creeds; people from all walks of life, prostitutes, accountants, cab-drivers, the homeless and destitute.

The worst of their homicidal venom, though, will be reserved for the white men in suits who ran everybody into the ground and destroyed all that was good in their souls. They will fuck them with power-tools then burn them as they bleed to death slowly from their mutilated genitalia. They will fasten them to the ground with iron spikes through their hands and feet so that rats can gnaw them to death at their own leisure. They will rip their eyes out before tossing them from the roofsof talll buildings. They will lay in wait and ambush them as they leave their luxury condominiums and gated communities, the places where they feel safest. What a surprise it will be when they find themselves handcuffed to the backs of pick-up trucks and dragged screaming for miles on end, until they beg to be shot! Their throats will be slit, their food contaminated with the vilest poisons.

Buildings will crumble, and entire city blocks will burst into flames at a mere glance from your children. The President of the World will go on television to declare a state of emergency, only for the entire globe to watch in horror as his eyes explode in their sockets and blood streams from his ears in huge, dark globules. Rivers, lakes and oceans will run red with blood, their surfaces dotted with human skulls. Birds will fall dead from the sky in droves as locusts swarm over what is left of the once-overcrowded metropolises. Terror and insanity will be etched deeply and permanently on the faces of those unfortunate enough to escape the bloody deluge.

And it won't be long before some lunatic somewhere comes up with the idea of money again, so the entire process will repeat itself all over again. And again. And again.

1 comment:

David Setchell said...

i wanna fucking tear my legs out.
Iwannnnt to t fuckkttting tear my legs out and go . i want them free in my hands swung
swung.swung. from form to form.
and dreaming. put.
blood in my saliva
and shake hips..
we.are.all going to .die.
we are all going to .die.