12 Mar 2008

holiday comics

unloaded /the drull tread towards the liquid night-time enhancer / popping / crackling candy / a plastic toy sellotaped to sellotape destroying artwork / slaine / blown away into crosshatching / messes in bottles / an ABC of line / ink and text / the pulpaviolent joy / joy / bogey extraction ecstaticism // they where good holidays / that shit / pissing off the back of a train that let you go outside of its importance as cushion / once honest / a metal tube of death / of wicker chairs and anal exploration under the lens of the holiday photographer // doctor shitoff appreciates a good pile of puss / emetic strings / french cinema coughing up pastries over faintly sexualised orchestra instruments / i feel closer / closer still / to holidays in scarborough and mk1 tiger tanks / die cast / flattening plastic soldiers / wrong scale / bought in a bag like goldfish / like ss nerds waiting to tell me the provenance of a knife / the effectiveness of an assaulting rifle upon a paper target relogging its frontal lobe / picks in hand / upon a scab right in the palm obscuring the life line and the fortune teller's incidental gaze / a vision / a pack of cards badly dealt / additional benefits procure / lazily / without thought / that first time exactly / precisely piercing eyes cut through a hillock of flesh / clad in soft horse fetus hide / the softest / the unbecoming manure of repetition and pretend graves / of dinner parties saying goodnight and other practice funerals / dead celebrity / good celebrity…

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Robert said...

"french cinema coughing up pastries over faintly sexualised orchestra instruments"


best line ive read in ages