19 Mar 2008

Machine death key.

all over you like the machine. machines of death in those pockets. The mechanics of a dying breed. Reassured triggers, resistance tightens, flick the machine. You are captured in a new world. The birth of machines can be timed to a control point zero evacuation. They reconfigure in times when the obscured divulge in the obscene demise of flowers. It was them against flowers. Who's fault is that. It turns out , all over you like the machines. Like the CD skip, the mechanics, control point like the machines. The trains is the sound of the news. The newspapers is the mesh. The control point zero meshed into those panels, configure. Museums daily pollute the planet, restore historical machinery. Global food poison, excludes the revolution evaporates into tiny microchips for poison. Choke on despair. Choke in the disappearing reconciliation for the machine tied to the fire, waging war against the fire fuels the war that is the fire. Fire breeds fire. five is fire. 6, 4, 3, 2, 1. OK is no new corpses. OK is Coca cola is now is was then, machine indigo skip panic. Mechanics of logic twisted into fabric sold in Chinese magazine slang to the house where they sold the boy to money. The money machine presses panic. The robber blank stare escapes with missing flesh. They pro gramme flesh. He better not leave any flesh lying around in places where the machine would look. 5 faces on a rock is machine. Machine is Looking for boy locked in room. Machine panic press progress. CD skip, dilute position progress revolution. Step step revolution panic. War panic machines is cool like new weapons testing, 2 bodies is failure. Failure is new weapons testing. New weapons pro gramme the earth heart. Never sweat we just move. Clumsy fool nearly knocked over the earth, now we walk awkward to the future till some one put us back. Machine scratch wall prehistoric mystery. Till some one computes us back. We commute back. Computers back. Computate. Competent blur magic fury. We walk edge always computer tap tap tap dance computer tap dance competition. faster. The machine wins the race. All against the machine waste. Over. Competent fire searches the four walls before fire. We search history like missing pieces. If my thoughts don't match. Won't match. Scratch. Computer trash make sense. Progress. Hence forth, change channel. Dilute truth, concentrate in class, teachers got an eye on your arson. Vinyl skip keep dancing. This machine, distance. Progression. You gave death. You caved in. Coward. Hiding. This time. I am a man of my machine. Amen an army. Programme me certainly. Empty a can. Entity. Any day now. A cliff, highway epiphany, glow the gridlock colision progress. Row against the machine. What digital did it do? Digit scam right?


cocaine jesus said...

amazing the way the whole thing turns and returns to the theme just like a machine. excellent.

Jaie said...

i hope you got the CD skip.

Robert said...

yes Jaie!

always said the prose-poem was made for you!