18 Jan 2008

We Live and Die

Crystalline, expired with another dead crackle on the sand. You
discarded a thousand welts of electrum and leaping threats in
adjectives among the violets. Painting toxic the same colour as
infinity kept inside one equinox, it all congeals into two

Catfish spine, realms of this cylinder twining the sun without. A
mermaid's purse not in Wikipedia. Sifting love and pain, venal
economics from wet stones; christening twice as sharp on a bearded
queen. Tendons unknot the tenuous truth of libido clenched like
frightening clues shimmering in a tangle.

Phantasmic over breakfast, your hair the furious heat of a desert
sun tossed over midnight forests. A circle of small drums fogged in a
place of fallopian horror. Smiles clutching a rainbow voice raised to
bleeding levels. Tarot asterisks beneath a hollow set of sockets,
shadow victories contrasting thunder gaps.

Promises kept for once, passing, knowing its way to the white. Dada
fathers graft atrocity onto all notions of the sublime. Dreams bleed
sophistry. Factory aesthetics in pale wisps, a rain squeezing smoke-rings
into my pillow. Vicious binges nothing but a vampire mess attempting to
drink a fast flash of three-fingered burnt. Dying lore as meanings pallid
sorrow dimly known.

Down with infirm scissors glowing out of reach, old vendettas lapsed
into a fifteen core flicking green scarabs from syphilitic rockets on the
empty. Silvery theaters of meat pulsing spat out a mess of spittle on a
star with no eyelids. Cigarettes with blood between their legs like electric,
remembering the phrase we live and die pulling hooks out of the
station. Bubbling bass feathers delicate bone and synapse, response and tremor
singing my sound. You allot mature bruises purple with scepticism to alpha
throngs a prophetic lamp of light together so long.

Droning off radioactive waves, shabby Egyptian vultures hungrily eyeing
my guts. Torment circled our skulls, the horizon a cardboard quixotic. We left
menthol filters littering a day in hell, your complexion suddenly sacral and
flying overhead. You spat lyres of vulva code, then, until bliss became torture,
hashish resin a nest of briars beneath our blackening. Organ desire plugged
into a totalizing accordion, skies of Venus. Rest smelters only blurs of light,
clams of a beat indigo fizz left to dry on the beach.


cocaine jesus said...

like the structure of this one. the way a sentance begins with a 'stutter' then continues.

Robert said...


not intentional...it just lays out funny here for some reason

but yeah, i couldve fixed it and didnt

thanks CJ!