18 Jan 2008


Crawling tingling castrated spider crawling squawking up a cinder block around my leg and stuff was overfilling the jar gushing out goos and spices and all kinds of mixtures it was hard to believe the dramatic music was funked over by a driving bass, ultra-violent blood squatter landing inside tropical jazz bars, smooth ooze hecklers, in overcoats wagging a tail or two thongs his manic had garters and mixed up sitar sounds, I was floating a blue dessert sniffing poppy leafs and shit stems, curdled as thine motion and thorns felling to lap crawling out cucumbers and worm holes, multi levels skin shavings dusted off a snorted mixture with a quart of rum, hitching south meet old man jefferson, beating him over the head never felt to good, his tears ran out like pinched off discharge a baby fetus infection tangled in wires and cord and straggled upon birth, just a another turd he said he sat there sniffing his burnt prize stewed and poured over his chest it was raining fire down his crotch, a nail and though his psalm he cried out the words amigo lemon fighter democracy stills stands, but he burnt it again leavings crisp letters of the rainbow and stripes of a flag, mama where have you been it was supper I didn’t know when to start it, bar was filled laughing drunks can’t find a way out a old creations finger rapes me I cant get away caught in sheets and shells and one sock fell to the floor.


Inconsequential said...

excellent dis-joint-ed flow

cocaine jesus said...

my my entrails lap at your feet for footstool shame of it.