30 Jan 2008

salamander squeek

some people are god.
i am vacant
a perfect demolishion
a demonic premonition
a promised kiss
magic in my right fist
grasping at the neck of greatness
squeezing a stone for luck..
my hand bleeds and then i throw it
im in over it
i sold it quick to sober up
i asked god to make the salamander squeek
and it did
i was only joking
but i betted it all.
when we are born we die
and god doesnt care
only once every so often
will those moments come
when we are born we die
and god doesnt care
we have surrendered to this inevitability
so let the doctor jab your kids with whatever he wants
she's blowing my mind
stratigically placed explosives
do not cross this line.
breathing inspiration
in the form of distilled fractals
fractions of portals filled with the gift
to uplift and skip across
any broken bridge or rift
on the edge
threatening to to race the
to concrete
the fact of my impact on this earth.
this is dirt
i'll take you to the edge off
some place with no people
and talk to you
about other people
perhaps you'd agree
and we'd be taken by another group
of beings to some other place
no. i don't think we have it
that wrong.
i'm not suggesting for a minute
that it's right.
but some people are god.
some moments are god.
some music is god.
some problems are not gods problems
he doesn't care.


Jaie said...

thats not true
because he cares enough to put a word in to the salamander

Aaron Held said...

dog is god

Gurgle on dentists

squeak saw made god salamander sand.

Robert said...

you have been brilliant all over the web lately, sir Jaie

get outta my head, maaaan!!!! :D