31 Jan 2008

He terrifies the Vast,
He seems so wild;
Where, as I discover as I go through
When I am heard,
And what I say is solely
Dim, and die tonight?
As if your human shape were what
The storm
By bloody pool
Rattling, gasping his last.
Sits at the limit of a kind of world
Snaps of ice cracking in the hidden air
Seized from creation by nonentity,
Preening, dancing on the base paths,
Your way of being.
Your way of seeing
Bronze the sky,
That seems to be the whispered question
Wide, white fields, a way unframed


cocaine jesus said...

a startling and oft terrifying read and yet with a quirky beauty. bit like you infact!

David Setchell said...

shaking under foot.
she says, "shady"
telling me about
... | lanes | ...
... | leans | ...
... | licks | ...

off my shin.
here in our dream house.
with driveway unpaved and
the dry dirt kicked up by
our feet sticks to my
framing it.

i see your bent body
held up by
hand grabbing
frozen branch
melts and
sternum and sterno
crackle over our


fuk. inc.
you. give me chills.

Inconsequential said...

chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control
Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'


I might need therapy...