8 Jan 2008

[J] in the

Page One. Page set up. Four panels per page.

Panel One.
Picture of thick, luxuriant jungle growth. Large leaves and thick trailers inter tangle each other. There is no glimpse of the sky just the mass of jungle undergrowth. Perched on one of the leaves (or trailers) is a large and beautifully coloured parrot type bird.

Panel Two.
Exactly the same picture with the exception that the bird is bending its head in the direction of the sounds it hears. The noise should be depicted as a couple of small “chop”, “chop”

Panel Three.
Still the same picture but this time the sounds have grown louder “CHOP”, “CHOP” and the parrot type bird is seen starting to fly away.

Panel Four.
Same background picture with this time a man, wielding a machete, standing in the area he has just cleared. Behind him stands a woman who can be seen peering around from behind his back. His shirt front is covered in sweat and there are patches of sweat beneath his armpits. His shirt is khaki and he is wearing similar coloured shorts with thick socks that have fallen to his ankles and on his feet a pair of thick walking boots. The woman (his wife) is similarly dressed. “Ahh, cough, cough. Here we are then.”

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Robert said...

this has rattled in my head since i saw it yesterday

dada detournement?


wonderfully borped-out