8 Jan 2008

i reguritate the shape of things to come- The things that are coming are my regurgitation - A premisis of hate lands sideways at my side like debris from an airplane wreckage, i keep walking. I could slap 10 babaies a day for not listening-damn this retreat-i smash a poet in the head with writers block-tell him clean that shit up-and im reading his notebook. if it wasnt for my penis, there would be no need to read this-its the meanest cleanest. I walk through walls just to squirt bitches in they eye (only one person seen me do that yo, 4real im ill)ay yo...im sick from here to Japan, and back to japan sick enough to cross myself on the way to Japan...like who dat nigga, he's sick..been to an oil spillage in iraq...they calling me slick...like the baldheld..and black people they be wanting us all dead...so i multiply and divide-i'll race you to the end of pi..3.14 i'll be waiting at the end of pi...with a pie...splat...in yo face with the pie.WHAT!!!!!!Maaaaaan listen....on my spare time im in the earth cause its hollow-i tell them niggaz that the earth is still flat, and not to follow...The Dogons got me spot on, they located the dominoes pizza in my neighbourhood before it even existed...recently they sent me seven triangles I'm still trying to decode that shit...ay yo...the secrets that i got in my mental incinerate pencils, if the government hears you speaking that shit they sparying you're house with chemicals-like-we gotta debug that shit..your whole fam goes missing-you dont wanna bus dat shit...your girl I cant even trust dat chick..ima have her on my album doing a bugged out skit..im like a UFO air traffic controller, i know martians in beef wit Jehova..but he got bigga guns..his spaceship be so big..it eclipses the sun...my DNA is the Password -ay yo....motherfucker, i got more guns that somalia-not the continent-the keyring-If you wanna holla at me im on the phone to seven bitches in Beijing--I taught the masters Miller style in shoalin-but they wont show you, unless you they homies - cause the energy it generates will reverse the second hand that ticks on seven rollies-Motherfuckers thinking im reversing time- Damn straight im reversing time--and if you see me driving 100mph on the opposite lane motherfucker - you better reverse in time- I met the motherfucker coltrane when i was chillin in A#..I loaded the gun with platinum darts that i got from the Wu-tang and start shooting hillary clinton in the heart..im so sick, i killed that bitch four times...put her in my mothers wedding dress..shes my corpse bride--That was right in the middle of her trying to sacrafice a young black child to the dark side of the moon---how i see that shit?!...i put my vision on full zoom---The world bank better have my money-like ODB- if collen powell wants to squash a beef in Iran they go see me---I'm sick of tellin these hoes how im sick of tellin these hoes--only thing i aint sick of is sellin these hoes--and dickin em-


cocaine jesus said...

superb. discharge does rap

Robert said...

the evolution continues :)

this WAS fun

and WILD, Jaie

ive always enjoyed the incredible energy of your writing!