14 Jan 2008

Facto ideology

Kiwi medium non-profit members spent growing mice.
Saudi lion loin jog
Mist sculpture Isaacs on electron skiff
Consistent preloads
Co routine Engle encumber remittance
Valour’s skid directorial cinnamon Doherty flours
Mayor quadrennial numerable mantelpiece
Avid play angle greatcoat sculpture
Saudi saturate suburbia rivulet
Suburbia zloty directorial omen
Facto facto!

Arrogance, perfect - need new iniquity iniquity!
Protégée rug ideology – ideology…

Retest edition, try now; widows alleged…

1 comment:

Robert said...

my next posting will be also in the subtle, lyrically surreal vein ive been working lately

but youre inspiring me to get back to my dada/surreal/noise-texting roots!