14 Jan 2008

All that I am

They said,
They said, I need this, and wanted that, couldn't get by without getting some stuff or other, and every time I denied them they hit back harder, subtle bricks eroding with desire, mind rape and memes, until I beg for this that or the other, so they hope, the begging, how they love, the begging, belly slithering supplicant drooling for this, slobbering on that, grasping the other, if not the concept. Conceited receipts. They though, they say we need, I need, you need, they want. They want harder than heroin. Dangle their fix for them, display your wealth to them, watch them wrack their ruins for new concepts conceits treats fish hooks and wire, thrown at your face, desperate lunges with both arms up to shoulders in the shit of your mind trying to fathom your desire, no winners in this co-dependant frenzy, wallet rape without the courtesy of rohypnol, finance buggery - hunting that nugget of sweet corn with a tongue that just wont stop…

Hell, what do I care, all that I am, all that I could be, it'll all be dust before long.


cocaine jesus said...

more anger and hurt spinning like a knife.
amazing when you hit these literary highs. sad to the final lines.

Robert said...

im really enjoying seeing you let your hair down and borp the fuck out :D

toldja Inconsequential was all in!

kek-w said...

Holy fuck - that was great!

murmurists said...

D4's e-Laing e-Laing Nihil-Romantic

Nice one, Inc., or as you might say... :)