7 Dec 2008

Breakfast in London



TICTAC said...

menos mau que não é igual ao pequeno-almoço de m!! :-)))

excellent photo and composition...!!

Anonymous said...

's getting really hot discharge, best pages ever!
All the best and loving regards!

C.J.Duffy said...

Should have met up!

Jaan>>>Good to see you here again.

Ruela said...

thanks ;)

so little time ;(

next time...soon ;)

Anonymous said...

oh thank CJ, i visit regularly,
i just dropped out for posting as i didn't
like the stench of my doing at the time(s)¬

Love and much more to all you!
Maybe some soul will invite me to your blog
when i cover my eyes and just do it, maybe that helps.

CheeRs in serious church of not_

kek-w said...

"serious church of not_" LOL!

Jaan - yr a dude!

Aaron Held said...

thought my mind was playing tricks on me, that hand started to stir. haha