14 Dec 2008

Outer-Bodhi Experience

You gave your answer[mostly]
in black + white. I was perplexed.
In 3/10ths of a shadow_Legions
For air. When given a choice for moisture.
What isn't a choice in this truck?
Lies in six shapes each time his mouth
denies the existence of a tongue.
I have seen: I know: Released.

The land is patient.
History has not [yet] immunized me.
Synthesized religions are captive.
Yes. As forty suns abandoned. The captive
into the night: The stories here are
more mythical and beaten. In less detail.
They'll agree: Those responsible when
choices swelling are out numbered:
It makes me wonder how much the
women cost: What advantage de-deuced from
electricity in Saturn's eYe: My turn
There are rumours to have seen : Light Ontological;
Perverse scriptures///z///Endowed
free from death in a movie:
Starring: Scars to applaud a limp.
The truth of more fertile earth:)

Having guessed at Saturn's noose.
Invited too are the, upright passages of moustaches
behind tanks;; you have struggled,
[thus far] to outweigh the star.
Though I am out numbered
For words to win:
Undress time, from some trouble I had spoken
on the edge of my cup: his teeth:)
You are most languid [this week] in shapes of 5
Extended loosely are
Something hot to do with oneness

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