6 Dec 2008

A Doppelgeist Penetrates InfraSpace #3


Rafé said...

confusing stuff...

Response to Us:
Nurturing evil?
Well, what really is evil?
Does it even exist?

And if it does...
is it against Humanity?
or is it for it?

kek-w said...

"Does it even exist?"

Well, the real question is probably: "Does it exist outside of the human mind/perception as a force unto itself?"

That's something that people cleverer than me have debated for a long time without coming to much of a conclusion beyond rigid dogma.

This image isn't about evil; it's about the idea of things becoming lost and straying somewhere other than where they belong.

Aaron Held said...

Feels like I'm on Jupiter, nice image transports me to another world.

Anonymous said...

amazing high quality picture of a piece of love!